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Zerion and Zumasys Breathe New Life Into Its MultiValue Application

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Zumasys, a leading provider of NoSQL database software for business-critical Pick applications, announced today that Zerion Group, a leading provider of software and consulting solutions for the Epicor Eclipse ERP system, has moved its EZ-EDI and Saaplicity software database from UniVerse to OpenQM.

Zerion has migrated its UniVerse database to OpenQM to enable new features like REST integration, native JSON capabilities, and object-oriented development. The objects alone allowed Zerion to eliminate large amounts of .Net level code resulting in an 80% reduction in code to support.

“We realized that with OpenQM, we could get many more built-in features that we could benefit from immediately,” says Justin Orton, Technology and Architecture Lead at Zerion Group. “When I realized that we weren’t going to have to custom build these things, I thought, ‘I don’t even care if it’s the same amount of money.’ The benefits of what we were going to get were that significant. But it turned out to be a far lower total cost of ownership.”

Because the OpenQM environment is familiar to both MultiValue and .NET developers, Zerion’s conversion process was easy—nearly 90% of their code stayed the same. OpenQM’s powerful platform and modern capabilities have resulted in numerous administrative efficiencies.

“OpenQM has historically been one of the best kept secrets in the market, but in the last year we have seen a slew of software houses move their applications over,” says Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys. “Forward-thinking developers like Justin Orton appreciate all the modern functionality in OpenQM and we are thrilled to see how Zerion is leveraging the technology to benefit their customers.”

Zerion is excited about partnering with Zumasys to continue to modernize their platform, and they have already begun to expand the roll-out of OpenQM throughout other parts of their product portfolio.

“I see OpenQM giving MultiValue a whole new lease on life,” says Orton. “It’s clear that Paul and Zumasys feel the same way, which is why they’re investing in it. We do not just like OpenQM because it is a good product. We like it because it’s a good product that’s backed by a great company that believes in the future of MultiValue.”

About Zumasys

Founded in 2000, Zumasys develops innovative software products and provides high-touch programming services for the PICK MultiValue community. Its products include jBASE and OpenQM, powerful NoSQL databases for the next generation of PICK developers; MVConnect for RESTful services; AccuTerm software for remote access to PICK applications; and MultiValue Dashboard for presenting reports and business data within a web-based graphical interface. In June 2018, as part of its divestiture of its Cloud business, President, Paul Giobbi and the Zumasys Executive Team relocated to San Clemente, California, refocused the company on its software technologies. Learn more at

About Zerion Group

Zerion is an independent full-service company that provides consulting, training, and customization services to businesses using Eclipse software. We utilize our extensive experience and system knowledge to help ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible. These services are applied to many focus areas, from RF and purchasing to custom forms and reports. Over 550 distributors have chosen our end-to-end support services because we help them to streamline operational processes, maximize system capabilities, reduce costs, and make employees more knowledgeable. Each of Zerion’s consultants has been employed at a supply house and share 75 years of combined experience. Since 2005, we have resolved challenges in water and sewer, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, fabrication, feed and tile businesses. Learn more at