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ZeroNorth Strengthens Software Security for Leading Auction Platform, Bidpath

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the industry’s first provider of risk-based vulnerability orchestration
for applications and infrastructure, today announced that the leading
global auction software company, Bidpath,
selected the ZeroNorth platform to strengthen its software security
program. By orchestrating multiple software scanning tools through the
ZeroNorth platform, Bidpath gains a consolidated view of risk that
enables it to prioritize vulnerabilities, ensure remediation and
demonstrate security assurance for customers and regulators.

Software security is critically important to Bidpath and its customers,
which include some of the world’s largest auction houses and other
public and private organizations. As Bidpath constantly innovates upon
its leading auction software to introduce new features and capabilities,
it needs to assure customers and regulators that its software is
continuously delivered vulnerability-free.

“ZeroNorth is a force multiplier for our software security program,”
said Francis Juliano, CTO at Bidpath. “Without ZeroNorth, there’s no
question we’d have to significantly grow our team or invest in custom
integration projects to give us any shot at creating the type of appsec
program we now have in place. With ZeroNorth, a single pane of glass
gives us a consolidated view to manage risk and provide risk assurance
to those who need it.”

ZeroNorth platform
delivered quick time-to-value as Bidpath deployed
it to orchestrate multiple commercial and open source tools that scan
different areas of its applications and infrastructure. For example,
during a proof-of-concept, a Bidpath scan returned thousands of findings
from different tools that would otherwise have to be painstakingly and
manually examined for required action. ZeroNorth condensed those
findings into five specific issues for the company to quickly and
confidently address.

In addition, ZeroNorth has helped put Bidpath in a better position to
win new customers – including public and private organizations – that
need security assurance when they partner with third-party
organizations. It also eases the burden of providing similar information
to regulators, such as those enforcing the Payment Card Industry (PCI)
data security standards.

“For two decades, Bidpath has powered online auctions for some of the
world’s most recognizable brands, and it’s done so by continuously
delivering innovative products and earning its customers’ trust,” said
John Worrall, CEO at ZeroNorth. “As the software industry rethinks
development practices to make security a more integral part of the
process, it’s not surprising that Bidpath is among the companies leading
the charge. The fact that they chose ZeroNorth to help drive this
important evolution is a huge validation for the value our platform

About Bidpath
The Bidpath Team have been building online
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the continuing needs of auctioneers and to truly push the envelope, as
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About ZeroNorth
ZeroNorth is the first company to deliver
risk-based vulnerability orchestration across applications and
infrastructure. By orchestrating scanning tools throughout the entire
software lifecycle, ZeroNorth provides a comprehensive, continuous view
of risk and reduces costs associated with managing disparate
technologies. ZeroNorth empowers customers to rapidly scale application
and infrastructure security, while integrating seamlessly into developer
environments to simplify and verify remediation. For more information,
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