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Zettaset Announces High Performance Full Disk Encryption Tested for HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers

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a leading provider of software-defined encryption solutions, today
announced that its XCrypt Full Disk product is now tested and ready for
use with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, the world’s most secure industry
standard servers. Since joining the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Technology Partner Program in 2017, Zettaset has been building new
offerings to help solve customer problems involving data encryption. The
company’s configurable encryption policies and administration provides
the flexibility necessary for large-scale deployments while drastically
reducing the total cost of ownership compared to legacy solutions.

“HPE is one of the most iconic and forward-thinking technology
organizations in the world. Zettaset is incredibly proud to be tested on
HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers and have the opportunity to provide
software-defined encryption solutions to visionary companies
everywhere,” said Jim Vogt, president and CEO of Zettaset. “Zettaset is
committed to delivering high-performance, high-value solutions that make
it easier than ever for enterprises to protect sensitive information and
meet compliance requirements while leading innovation in their
respective industries.”

Current encryption options require a complex myriad of licenses and
add-ons. These complexities are exacerbated when attempting to add
encryption to an existing production data center, and to do so with a
limited budget and without materially impacting operations. Zettaset
provides a cost-effective solution for HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers when
building on HPE’s encryption strength and scalability1, and
taking it to the next level by simplifying it, encrypting data-in-place
and converting existing hard drives into compliant data stores.

Zettaset’s all-software approach simplifies encryption and eliminates
the need for proprietary appliances, facilitating a non-disruptive,
automated and more cost-effective deployment. It also delivers proven
defense and data protection compliance for highly regulated industries
such as healthcare, financial services, and retail. Zettaset’s
encryption can be activated at any time – during initial set up or to
existing production data centers, enabling users to protect systems
after the fact. Now that Zettaset is fully tested with HPE ProLiant
Gen10 servers, users see the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Encryption: Zettaset can install key managers
    directly on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers without the need for additional
    licenses, streamlining the encryption process.
  • High Performance: Negligible performance impact on existing
  • Ease of Use: Zettaset can be maintained by existing IT/database
    staff and does not require specialized encryption experts.
  • Low Costs: Zettaset’s software-defined encryption provides the
    flexibility needed to scale easily and reduce the total cost of
  • Flexibility: Data can be encrypted at the partition, volume, or
    disk level to meet the security and compliance needs of each

“At HPE, we are committed to fueling data-driven experiences while
reducing the growing risk of cybercrime with our secure, high-performing
HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers,” said Tom Lattin, vice president and general
manager, ProLiant and Cloudline Systems, HPE. “By collaborating with key
partners like Zettaset through the HPE Technology Partner Program, we
are enabling the world’s businesses with state-of-the-art data
protection through Zettaset’s XCrypt Full Disk built on HPE ProLiant
Gen10 servers to deliver secure, flexible infrastructures that also meet
today’s market needs for agility.”

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About Zettaset
Zettaset is a software-defined encryption
solution that can be transparently deployed across all physical and
virtual enterprise environments. Unlike traditional solutions that are
appliance-based, Zettaset is a cost-effective, software-only solution
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