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Zipari Launches the Comprehensive Sales Experience Solution

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Zipari, bringing the first and only consumer experience platform built specifically for health insurance to the market, is excited to announce the launch of its Comprehensive Sales Experience solution. This payer-centric offering is an integrated, multi-product technology solution built specifically to help healthcare insurers optimize and operationalize acquisition and retention strategies to grow top-line revenue across the commercial, government programs and individual market segments.

Zipari’s Comprehensive Sales Experience solution integrates the best of the company’s acquisition and retention SaaS products; arming payers with (a) direct-to-consumer shopping for Individual/Family and Medicare health insurance, (b) Broker Portal supporting Large Group, Small Group, Medicare and Individual market segments, (c) Employer Portal for the Group markets, (d) back-office sales CRM workflows and 360-degree views for managing the end-to-end sales process and (e) Zipari’s unique CX Engagement Hub to drive “next best action” messaging to all consumers: members, brokers, employers and internal operations.

This new offering allows payers to implement the solution in months, not years, with full integration into existing payer technologies – delivering value quickly and with real scalability. Payers can now leverage a single vendor for a comprehensive sales experience that supports members, employers, brokers and internal operations.

“The healthcare industry is complex to begin with, but it is made more so by the various market segments within the industry and the sprawling populations each of these markets serve,” said Mark Nathan, CEO and Founder of Zipari. “We understand that payer sales and marketing teams are continuously looking to build their pipeline, but it is difficult to do so without an end-to-end approach, which is exactly why we built the Comprehensive Sales Experience solution.”

Zipari’s Comprehensive Sales Experience solution will help payers and their sales teams drive revenue and growth with CX technology that:

  • Addresses sales opportunities across all market segments, simultaneously
  • Provides a 360-degree view of all prospects in the pipeline with real-time reporting
  • Leverages software built exclusively for payers to accelerate the sales pipeline, enroll prospects and retain current customers

“Health plan leaders realize the entire sales process needs to be simple, efficient and proactive for brokers and their sales teams. We believe we’ve been able to offer exactly that through this unique collection of Zipari products,” Nathan continued. “Our new offering provides payers with a comprehensive sales experience that supports their brand, integrates with existing systems, and has the flexibility to support all market segments. This solution maximizes retention revenue, as well as member and employer acquisition, all while reducing the time to market for a modern consumer experience. Without it, sales and marketing teams simply aren’t accessing the market’s full potential.”

About Zipari

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zipari, is a growth-stage technology startup that develops products for health insurance carriers to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. With unsurpassed technology, Zipari’s products provide real-time insights at every touchpoint, delivering a breakthrough consumer experience that health insurers want and their members seek. Zipari now serves more than 14 million members via their payer customers. Zipari is backed by our lead investor, Vertical Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investments in companies that target specific vertical markets and Health Velocity Capital, a growth equity investment firm which invests in innovative healthcare software and services companies that are building a more consumer-friendly and affordable healthcare system. For more information about Zipari, please visit