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Zipari Launches the Superior Member Experience Solution

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Zipari, the company behind the first and only consumer experience platform built specifically for health insurance, is excited to announce its Superior Member Experience Solution. This member-centric offering provides health insurance plans with customer experience (CX) technologies that modernize the CX journey across Medicare, Individual, and Group market segments.

Powered by CX Engine, Zipari’s Superior Member Experience Solution brings together seven fully integrated Zipari products – Member Portal, Mobile App, Service Bot, CX Engagement Hub, Member Service Center, Member 360, and Recommendation Assistant – into one comprehensive out-of-the-box solution for healthcare payers. From member onboarding to self-service to delivering personalized care recommendations, payers can provide an elevated and personalized experience to engage their members across all healthcare journeys.

“A superior consumer experience is a differentiator in any industry, but in healthcare, you can see the real impact it has, not just on the individual, but on overall population health and costs,” said Mark Nathan, CEO and Founder of Zipari. “Our Superior Member Experience Solution was constructed with both the health plan and member in mind. It keeps members engaged by empowering them to take ownership of their health through optimized self-service features, and reduces overall costs for members while improving ROI for payers.”

Zipari’s Superior Member Experience Solution configures seamlessly with health insurers’ current technology investments, avoiding the need to rip and replace as well as speeding time to market. This enables payers to overcome the most significant CX challenges in the industry quickly. The solution includes:

  • best-in-class Member Service Center and Member 360 applications that provide service reps with a holistic view of member interactions and optimized workflows, supporting the efficient management of complex service inquiries and reducing call center costs;
  • 24/7 access to self-service features and guided recommendations through the Member Portal, Mobile App, and an interactive Service Bot that simplifies self-service transactions while improving consumer sentiment;
  • and unprecedented CX Engagement Hub and Recommendation Assistant products that allow payers to measure the ROI of consumer engagement and strategically streamline communications via the member’s preferred channel. This technology works by attaching a value to the health plan’s cross-departmental goals for each member and recommending the next highest value goal for the consumer on the right channel at the right time.

“Because of our ability to rapidly develop the latest CX technologies and our native understanding of the health insurance industry,” Nathan continues, “we’ve been able to develop and assemble a collection of products that no other platform company can offer payers. Our Superior Member Experience Solution is a human-centered, API-first solution that is continuously updating and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of each member. At the same time, it improves the health plan’s ability to enhance the member experience, influence positive health behaviors, and increase operational efficiencies. The result is improved ROI for the health plan while improving member health and reducing expenses for members.”

About Zipari

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zipari is a growth-stage technology startup that develops products for health insurance carriers to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. With unsurpassed technology, Zipari’s products provide real-time insights at every touchpoint, delivering a breakthrough consumer experience that health insurers want and their members seek. Zipari serves more than 13-million members via their payer customers. Zipari is backed by our lead investor, Vertical Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investments in companies that target specific vertical markets, and Health Velocity Capital, a growth equity investment firm which invests in innovative healthcare software and services companies that are building a more consumer-friendly and affordable healthcare system. For more information about Zipari, please visit