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ZPE Systems Announces Nodegrid Serial Console Plus, a High-Density, Cellular-Enabled Serial Console for Datacenters and Critical Remote Locations

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ZPE Systems adds to their lineup of datacenter infrastructure management solutions with the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP). Like previous generations of Nodegrid Serial Console, the NSCP is a high-density appliance that streamlines infrastructure management at scale, now with the added benefits of built-in 5G/4G LTE cellular and Wi-Fi for increased availability. Organizations can stop juggling separate cellular and out-of-band devices, and can instead get these capabilities in one NSCP device.

Featuring up to 96 serial ports, built-in 5G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities, 2 SFP+ and 2 GbE ports, and Intel x86-64bit CPU, the NSCP gives network admins, service providers, and customers reliable, centralized management of their large-scale datacenter environments and critical remote infrastructures.

The world’s largest tech and financial companies already use the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus, and organizations implementing the NSCP can expect secure deployments using the hardware-encrypted disk; automated and simplified management that scales to millions of nodes; and increased availability through optional Wi-Fi and 5G/4G LTE backup connections from their choice of carriers.

“Nodegrid Serial Console Plus is the perfect solution for adding resilience to datacenters, colocations, and critical remote infrastructure locations,” says Arnaldo Zimmermann, Co-founder and CEO of ZPE Systems. “Our customers — including the largest companies in the world — love how easy it is to deploy one solution that gives them everything needed for refreshes or new installs. There’s no shopping for additional failover or out-of-band devices. The NSCP puts all that into a single, 1U box.”

NSCP is four times faster than the previous generation of Nodegrid Serial Console, and includes Nodegrid OS v5.2, the latest version of ZPE’s secure, Linux-based operating system.

Nodegrid OS v5.2 automates scaling with support for zero touch provisioning and containerization using Docker, Kubernetes, and LXC containers. The operating system also accommodates failover and out-of-band management through a variety of link types, including via the built-in 5G/4G LTE module. Nodegrid OS v5.2 improves upon previous releases with features that include:

  • Flexible automation via Ansible Server native integration, with support for Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Python, and RESTful scripts in addition to CLI options
  • Added security via enhanced UEFI Secure Boot with self-encrypted disk in all platforms
  • Easier extensibility via improved management of guest operating systems, NFV layer, and Docker containers
  • More traceability via geofencing, with self-guard notifications and actionable protection
  • Better connectivity via support for WireGuard tunnels, in addition to IPsec
  • Improved accessibility via new cloud applications available on ZPE Cloud

Nodegrid OS v5.2 also seamlessly integrates with the company’s management products: Nodegrid Manager, for centralized control of datacenter clusters; and ZPE Cloud, for secure, cloud-based management of distributed remote networks.

Nodegrid Serial Console Plus and Nodegrid OS v5.2 are now available. To place an order or learn more, visit the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus product page.

About ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid frees enterprises from today’s networking challenges.

Nodegrid’s Intel-based serial consoles & modular services routers deliver power to datacenter & branch applications, while the Linux-based Nodegrid OS replaces vendor lock-in with limitless flexibility. With ZPE Cloud for fast & secure provisioning, this platform streamlines networking using virtualization, prevents downtime using automation, and offers convenience via remote management capabilities.

Top companies trust ZPE Systems to provide advanced out-of-band management, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platforms, and SD-Branch networking.

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