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Zuna Delivers Compliant Digital Payments for Cannabis Operators Through Alt Thirty Six

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Zuna, a leading provider of integrated solutions for cannabis cultivation management, partnered with Alt Thirty Six, the leading US cannabis payment technology, enabling compliant digital payments through it’s CannPOS (Point-of-Sale) and CannERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms. Through the Alt Thirty Six integration, Zuna offers users & licensed dispensaries a compliant digital method of accepting payment while identifying key data points that grow their businesses. Alt Thirty Six facilitates legal and compliant digital payments between cannabis merchants, their customers, vendors, and suppliers.

While cannabis is not federally accepted, financial and credit card institutions are reluctant to accept deposits from the cannabis industry. With Alt Thirty Six, digital payment processing is now a reliable, no-risk alternative.

“Zuna’s direct integration with Alt Thirty Six enables dispensaries across legal cannabis North American states to accept fully legal, compliant, and user friendly digital payments,” said Alt Thirty Six Cofounder and CEO Ken Ramirez. “Zuna’s partnering dispensaries no longer need to face high costs and risks associated with running cash-only operations or accepting noncompliant payments. Our integration is equipped with additional features dispensaries can use to create promotions, track sales trends, maintain backend records and manage inventory.”

Zuna’s seed-to-sale solutions enable users to track, manage & report each stage of growth, production and sales processes. “Alt Thirty Six provides access to banking relationships and modern payment technology that’s compliant with cannabis regulations,” said Vidyadhar Handragal, CEO of Zuna. “Through integrating with Alt Thirty Six, Zuna’s platforms are not just built for compliance through traceability, but now also offer compliance through digital payments that meet all federal and state requirements.”

About Zuna, Inc.

Zuna provides enterprise cultivation management solutions for the cannabis and agriculture industries. Fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), Zuna’s RADIX product suite includes next-generation remote plant monitoring sensors and compliant cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and POS platforms for automating operations within vertically-integrated companies. More about Zuna’s products can be found online at and on Instagram.

About Alt Thirty Six

Alt Thirty Six is the leading digital commerce infrastructure for legal cannabis businesses and customers by enabling simple, secure digital purchases. Alt Thirty Six provides a proprietary technology, partnership platform and banking relationships to the legal cannabis industry, helping merchants manage digital payments in-store, online and via delivery services to grow and operate their business efficiently while staying compliant. Consumers pay with one click digitally, take advantage of loyalty programs and promotions. Visit Alt Thirty Six on LinkedIn, Instagram, or