Press release

ZW3D 2021 Beta is Open for Testing

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On July 15, 2020, ZWSOFT unveiled ZW3D 2021 Beta featuring extended CAD/CAM functions and a better user experience to help users tackle more complex tasks.

Friendlier Interaction

In ZW3D 2021, user experience has been further improved. Command Search helps search and access commands by keywords, which is useful for unfamiliar functions. For repetitive work, Script Record enables users to record the operations as a script and set it as a map key to increase efficiency. The Coordinate System, which includes 2D/3D Datum Axis, Datum Plane, and Datum CSYS, is fully supported, making sketch design, modeling, PMI dimensions, etc. easier.

Extended CAD Capabilities

Multiple new functions have been added for higher-quality design. For sketch design, users can find new functions such as Offset Constraint to add constraints to offset entities, Equal Curvature Constraint to realize smoother curves, Cosmetic Sketch to provide references for the modeling process, etc. As for modeling, G2 Blend is supported to get blend faces of higher precision, facilitating streamlined design. The Cross Trim function can trim multiple surfaces and sew them at the same time. Assembly has been improved with new functions like Include Unplaced Component to insert virtual components, Clearance Check to detect the safe distance, and Batch Attribute Edit to apply attributes to multiple objects simultaneously.

Optimized CAM Programming

CAM enhancements are worth expecting. More types of turning tools are supported, including the pentagon, hexagon and octagon ones. Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded with Machine Builder, CNC Controller, Machine Register, etc., achieving more accurate simulation for the machining process. Moreover, Arc Fitting is supported in 2X Milling, 5X Milling and Surface Engraving to help generate higher-quality toolpaths.

To summarize, ZW3D 2021 brings a lot of new functions and optimizations for ease of use and stronger CAD/CAM capabilities. Welcome to download with a 30-day free trial and leave your feedback in ZW3D User Group.


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