Avnet UK now dealing Microsoft System Center services

Avnet has signed up as a Microsoft System Center services provider and launched the service for the UK market. The company is the first of many to come Value Added Distributors in the UK to include Microsoft System Center services in its services provided roster.

Steve Ballmer

The next 12 months are crucial for Microsoft

A few years ago, antitrust regulators were thinking of forcing Microsoft to divide itself into three different groups. The idea was that if there were two or three different companies, there would be less opportunity for Microsoft to take decisions which broke antitrust laws. While it might not have solved that problem, Microsoft would have

Microsoft Approves Delayed Small Business Competency

Microsoft has announced it will introduce a Small Business Competency schemeĀ  into its Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) in June, after delaying the programme’s launch by more than a year. It expects the competency to become the largest in the MPN. It will focus on cloud computing and is designed to give partners a way to

Microsoft: Embrace Clients with BI

Microsoft global channel boss Allison Watson says there’s never been a more important time for Business Intelligence: “Knowing your business and ensuring your customers’ satisfaction will be critical to surviving the recession”.