About us


NetMediaEurope was founded in July 2007 after a group of leading managers in VNU together with the Online CEO, Dominique Busso, joined forces with Truffle Ventures in Paris to successfully carry out a Management Buy-Out of the online assets of VNU Business Media Europe (now known as The Nielsen Company) in four countries.

NetMediaEurope publishes a portfolio of websites aimed towards IT Experts. With its more than 40 sites across Europe, NetMediaEurope is the leading European B2B sales house to target the IT professional audience and market segment.

NetMediaEurope is also the exclusive pan-European sales representative for the online properties of various third parties in the UK, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France and other European countries.
Our portfolio includes brands such as The Inquirer, PC Professional and Silicon in different territories. Click here for more information.