Is Lenovo Getting into Security Appliances?

Amid all the major security vendors at the RSA security conference, Lenovo has a small booth exhibiting its KingGuard security gateway. The 3U appliance is only sold in China, but there may be plans to bring it to the US market.

HP Unveils ProCurve Firewall, Security Ambitions

Hewlett-Packard is entering the crowded security market with its ProCurve 8212 and 5400 Series firewalls built on its switch platform. HP is showing signs of its security ambitions that will bring it into conflict with rivals and partners Cisco Systems, IBM and other security vendors. HP executives say its security strategy will create massive opportunities for channel partners.

Trend Micro Asserts Channel Commitment in SAAS

As software as a service grows at a rapid pace, Trend Micro creates a channel program and releases products to ensure its partners that they will remain an integral part of the security vendor’s cloud strategy.

Conficker Tools Available, Countdown Hype in Overdrive

The Conficker.C worm is expected to strike April 1 and detection tools are available. At the same time, security vendors are going into overdrive to ride the wave of publicity to get their brands and products exposure. While Conficker is serious, separating reality from hype proves difficult.

Will Dell Make a Move on Palm?

IBM’s reported desires for Sun Microsystems and Cisco’s entry into the blade server market has some analysts saying Dell needs to make a big move to remain competitive. What makes sense to them? Palm.

INX Hosts Cisco Unified Computing Summits

Systems integrator INX will partner with Cisco Systems, NetApp, VMware for a three-city event to educate end users on the architecture and benefits of Cisco’s new unified computing and virtualized blade server offerings.

Why Is IBM, Not Cisco, Buying Sun?

An IBM acquisition of Sun Microsystems would solidify IBM’s market lead in servers. But it would also give IBM a lot of technology it already has on the books. Cisco Systems, with its ambitions for dominance in the data centre, seems like a much better suitor for Sun.

IBM in Talks to Buy Sun Microsystems

Reports overseas say IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems to bolster its competitive position against Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems. Analysts say this is the first of many mega deals spurred by suppressed stock prices.