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What is a Brand Discovery ?

Advertorial: HP Product Syndication allows resellers to show off the latest HP products

Getting customers to fill their online shopping carts quickly and with ease is the priority for all web businesses. HP has an online service exclusively for HP Channel Partners that has been shown to increase online sale conversion rates by as much as 22%. It is HP’s Product Syndication service which is free of charge for the partner and automatically publishes the most up to date HP product information, features, benefits, photos and videos on resellers’ websites.

HP Product Syndication allows resellers to show off the latest HP products using professionally designed marketing materials, without going through the hassle and expense of writing, designing and coding those pages and features themselves.

Site stickiness

HP Product Syndication adds site stickiness by increasing customer engagement right on the partner’s site. Customers remain on the partner’s site and get the information they are looking for to make an informed purchase decision. The service covers most of HP’s product lines, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, displays, printers and supplies.

These new HP product experiences are triggered for display on the partner’s web site by the HP part numbers. As such integration is as simple as “Set it and Forget it”. The experiences will only display for the part numbers found on their web site. As new products are released, new HP product experiences become available to assist in converting more browsers into buyers.

The HP product information can then be displayed as either a “MiniSite” pop up window, that resides on existing product pages on reseller sites, or as an “INpage” (embedded on partner’s product detail page), or both. These are used to display key selling points, videos, images, compatibilities and specifications to help educate shoppers and drive shopping cart conversion.

It is in the partner’s best interest to display either the MiniSite button or the INPage content above the fold to drive customer engagement.

The HP Product Syndication program is designed to engage the end user customer and not the search engine robots. As such, they will drive sales conversions on web pages, but they won’t affect search rankings.

HP partners can improve their online product pages by simply signing up to the service and adding the code on their website. To find out how simple it is to install and how effective this free HP Product Syndication service can be – register today