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6sense Launches Account-Based External Media Campaigns Analytics

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Today 6sense, a leading Account
Based Orchestration Platform, powered by AI
, announced its External
Media Campaigns feature. This capability extends 6sense’s ability to
track digital media campaigns launched on non-6sense platforms for use
in account segmentation within the 6sense platform, and to provide more
advanced account-based analytics on such campaigns.

With B2B digital
ad spend
projected to hit $6.08 billion this year, digital marketers
continue to search for ways to optimize campaigns to better reach buyers
within their target accounts.

“Digital campaigns can quickly become irrelevant if B2B marketers aren’t
tracking reach, engagement, and influence of these campaigns on accounts
they care about,” said Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense. “With
External Media Campaigns, we now extend our unique account-based
analytics and tracking capabilities from our natively built 6sense Media
Campaigns, to campaigns on other external platforms. This enables
marketers to get a never before seen view of media campaign
effectiveness as an ABM tactic while providing flexibility when working
with other platforms and their agencies.”

Leading enterprises are already using 6sense’s External Media Campaigns
feature to provide centralized segmentation and analytics across all of
their agency partners. Prior to this feature, gathering and aggregating
campaign analytics across agencies was manual and not account-focused.
This made extracting value from such campaigns for B2B companies
extremely time-consuming, error-prone, and focused on impressions and
clicks instead of account engagement. This feature puts real-time
insights in the hands of the marketer so they can:

  • Understand the global digital footprint and the impact it is having on
    account engagement, i.e.: accounts reached, accounts newly engaged,
    and accounts that increase engagement.
  • Evaluate agency partners, campaigns, and media outlets to determine
    performance and optimize spending for better account reach.
  • Proactively collaborate with agency partners to improve digital media
    strategy and use of funds.

Currently, External Media Campaigns supports various platforms,
including AdForm, Adobe, AppNexus, Google Ad Manager, Google DFP, Google
AdExchange, Google DV360, Google Campaign Manager, Innovid, MediaPlex,
Conversant, and Sizmek. Additional platforms will be added on an ongoing

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