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A Retailer’s Guide to Adapting to the New Normal | Infiniti’s Retail Customer Intelligence Solutions Pave the Way

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Infiniti Research is a premier provider of market and customer intelligence solutions. With 15+ years of experience and expertise in 50+ industries, our strategic approaches and solutions provide our clients with a competitive edge. Infiniti’s research experts recently announced their latest successful client engagement with retail customer intelligence solutions. To read more about this engagement, read the article here.

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Retail Customer Intelligence Solutions: Adapting to the New Normal (Graphic: Business Wire)

Retail Customer Intelligence Solutions: Adapting to the New Normal (Graphic: Business Wire)

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on most industries, the retail sector being one of them. The crisis has also led to dramatic shifts in consumer buying behaviors, and the uncertainty of the pandemic has led to reduced discretionary spending. It has left retailers in search of alternative channels to serve their customers. Retail brands need to adopt new channels to build and maintain relationships with customers to overcome these challenging times. Retail customer intelligence solutions can enable this adaptation for brands in the retail industry. With Infiniti’s retail customer intelligence solutions, businesses can navigate the COVID-19 crisis, recover from the toll it has taken, and prepare for the new normal. Our experts have detailed the following guide to adapt to the post-COVID normal and meet the changing expectations of customers.

Get in touch with an industry expert to learn how Infiniti’s retail customer intelligence solutions help global retail industry clients overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic shifts in customer buying behaviors and spending patterns. Besides, the uncertain nature of the pandemic has compelled customers to tighten their wallets and eliminate discretionary spending. These shifts have left many retailers scrambling to serve customers through other channels effectively,” says an industry expert at Infiniti Research.

This guide has been developed to assist retail companies in adapting to the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Infiniti’s retail customer intelligence solutions experts detail the following three crucial steps:

  • Extending digital presence and engagement can partially offset diminished foot traffic by boosting investments in online acquisition
  • Bringing an in-store feeling to the digital experience can help personalize customer interactions across every touchpoint
  • Embracing agile operation models can help companies meet the rising expectations of clients
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