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ACAMP Announces the A90™ Round-trip Respirator High Filtration Efficiency and Breath-ability for Travelers

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Canadian and US customers can now purchase ACAMP’s washable, reusable respirators with over 90% particle filtration efficiency and breath-ability to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 for travel. With air, train and bus travel returning, the A90™ respirator can be worn anywhere and is an excellent choice for travelers spending extended periods of time in confined spaces. This design comes fully assembled and sanitized, with a return filter for extended travel and alcohol wipes for personal use.

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A90 Round-Trip Respirator for travelers (Graphic: Business Wire)

A90 Round-Trip Respirator for travelers (Graphic: Business Wire)

ACAMP developed its line of respirator products in April 2020 in response to seeing so many unprotected people shopping and travelling. The A90™ respirator and replacement filters, are available in Canada or US at

A respirator is markedly different from paper or cloth masks as it creates a base-seal around the wearer’s nose and mouth which forces airflow primarily through the front filter. Respirators filter two ways: protecting wearers from inhaling the virus, and preventing wearers from exhaling it to loved ones and co-workers.

The A90™ filters provide 90% particle filtration efficiency, are washable and reusable, and the respirator can be easily adjusted for comfort and fit. The round-trip respirator body is made of thermoplastic and is available in one adult size at this time.

The A90™ respirator’s efficiency was tested against commercially available N90-rated models by the respiratory aerosol mechanics team at the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering. They rated the ACAMP A90™ filters at similar levels of filtration efficiency as N90 filters.

Technical information, test results and videos can be found at


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