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Aible is Recognized as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020

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Aible has been recognized as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services.

Gartner says, “This Magic Quadrant evaluates the important emerging market for cloud-hosted artificial intelligence (AI) services for application developers. It assesses vendors with offerings in three key service areas: language, vision and automated machine learning (AutoML).”

The Gartner Magic Quadrant places Aible in its “Visionaries” quadrant. Gartner says, “Visionaries are likely to excel in AutoML, as this segment is viewed as the most important for application leaders and development organizations. Their AutoML services facilitate customization of ML models. These models deliver predictions, classifications, next-best action recommendations and numerous other uses that enhance applications being delivered by enterprises.”

Aible helps businesses overcome the three biggest hurdles they face with AI – a lack of AI skills in the organization, poor data quality, and the failure to understand the uses and benefits of AI. Aible builds skills quickly by fostering enterprise-wide collaboration, meeting different team members where they are and enabling them to contribute their unique skills and insights to AI projects.

Aible lets you start with the data you have by automating the data cleansing and machine learning process. Aible enables businesses to get up and running with use cases quickly and get sustained ROI when they implement AI. Aible ensures complete data security by running directly in your secure AWS or Azure account or on-prem, and does not see your data or the trained models.

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About Aible

Aible is an award-winning AI platform that delivers measurable ROI by starting with the data you have and boosting team collaboration in a way that’s simple, fast, and secure. Aible takes a different approach to AI. We maintain a laser focus on getting AI models into production quickly so that companies see immediate value. Aible considers a business’s specific cost-benefit trade-offs and operational constraints to create custom AI that delivers sustained business impact. Unique among AI providers, Aible delivers a portfolio of AI models tuned to your particular business realities so that you always deploy the right model at the right time. Aible goes beyond predictions to deliver actionable recommendations that result in better business outcomes. Discover real-world AI at

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