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Aloft Chicago Mag Mile Continues as Hospitality Tech Leader with Implementation of Evention Back Office Automation

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Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, the newest Aloft property in Chicago and the largest in North America, recently implemented Evention’s Automated Cash Operations Management solution.

The solution leverages cash recycling and cloud-based reconciliation, which eliminates general cash management error and increases operational efficiency throughout the hotel. Furthermore, this automated back office process completely transforms the hotel’s cash management, allowing the property to focus more on its guests.

The solution’s automation provides complete visibility to cash. It depends on auto-reconciliation and detailed cash tracking coupled with advanced robotics to issue and receive cash from hotel cashiers.

“Evention has significantly reduced the time required to process and reconcile daily cash,” said Aloft Chicago Mag Mile Controller, Jim Buchanan. “This solution has also increased accuracy, streamlined cash operations, and reduced the administrative burden of manual reconciliations.”

As a technology leader, the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile also introduced automation in other areas of the hotel. In addition to implementing Evention’s back office automation, the property relies on Botlr, a robot butler, to increase efficiency within front office operations and add a fun, interactive, tech-forward component to the guest experience. Botlr can roam the property independently, even on the elevators, to deliver items including snacks, towels, and toothbrushes.

“Evention is proud to work with Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, a leader in leveraging automation, to reinvent cash management in hotels,” Evention Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mike Baldinger, said. “The team understands that traditional manual cash management is outdated, inefficient, and costly. By applying technology, they have transformed a traditionally cumbersome and manual process into an automated process.”

Evention automation enables Aloft Chicago Mag Mile to concentrate on other priorities and more value-add responsibilities.

“By implementing cash recycling and automation, our operations and management can shift focus to further improve the customer experience,” Buchanan said.

Since opening, Aloft Chicago Mag Mile’s Cash Operations Management integration continues to keep the typical cost of managing cash payments to a minimum and save time on tasks related to accounting and operations.

“Evention takes great pride in knowing that cash recycling enables Aloft Chicago Mag Mile to improve operations, enhance customer service, increase employee satisfaction, and ensure cash accountability,” Baldinger said.

Evention LLC, based in Chicago, IL, is a leading software company reinventing back office processes for wide-ranging industries, including hospitality, retail, grocery, museum, and more. The company’s automated solution suite extends to gratuity payroll, cash management, group billing, and credit card reconciliation. By replacing legacy manual processes with modern automation, Evention streamlines operations for back offices globally.