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Arvig Selects CrowdFiber for Online Broadband Shopping Cart Experience

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CrowdFiber, a developer of geomarketing automation software for telecommunications providers and utility companies, announced today that Arvig, a Minnesota-based broadband service provider, is using the CrowdFiber platform to power its new online residential shopping cart. CrowdFiber allows Arvig to utilize its designated market area, or DMA, boundaries, wire center boundaries, loop length rating, and standard zone resolution technology to build a personalized home service package from Arvig’s high-speed internet, TV and phone services, based on their specific geographic location.

Digital subscriber line, or DSL-based broadband, provides high-speed transmission with download speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on the distance a home or business is to the closest serving network node by operating facility. CrowdFiber developed an algorithm to intelligently calculate products based on zones and boundaries in addition to the loop length rating and dynamically calculates the distance in feet or meters from the customer location to the nearest network node. The loop length rating determines which internet speeds are available to a particular address based on the technical limitations of the network.  Customers sign up for service by submitting a request to Arvig’s Customer Care Team through the online shopping cart experience provided by CrowdFiber.

“We know our customers are anxious for faster internet speeds that will allow them to connect and enjoy all the benefits of increased bandwidth. In areas where fiber-to-the-home is not yet feasible, vectored DSL is a way to bring in services. However, since internet speeds vary according to location, it can be challenging to accurately offer subscribing options online, which is most convenient to the customer,” said Michael Baso, Business Intelligence Manager at Arvig. “CrowdFiber worked with us to build and enhance our dynamic selection of internet product offerings, based on the serving platform and distance limit characteristics of the network, allowing us to offer our customers the convenience of online ordering and improve the efficiency of our internal order processing and direct sales.”

This technology was in development with Arvig for a year prior to release to the market and is now powering the address search and website at

“Determining services based on distance over DSL and location is an industry-wide challenge,” said Greg Richardson, CrowdFiber CEO and co-founder. “A telecom provider needs the capability to provide viable service offerings to their customers, without a technical explanation of speed limitations based on how far the customer lives from their nearest node.  We are pleased that Arvig’s customers can quickly and accurately find what’s available and order service quickly and accurately using the CrowdFiber platform.”

Michael Baso, Arvig, will be speaking at the CrowdFiber OPEN 2019 Unconference on October 7-10, 2019 at Lake Lanier Islands, GA.

About Arvig

Headquartered in Perham, Minnesota, Arvig is a local, employee-owned broadband and full-service telecommunications provider. Committed to delivering cutting-edge technology to customers throughout the region, Arvig provides residential internet, television, and telephone services. Additionally, Arvig provides a wide variety of business technology solutions. Visit for additional information.

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