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Atorus Research Announces Release of Second R Package

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Atorus Research, a clinical analytics company that builds tools and solutions that efficiently facilitate data management and biometric activities, is pleased to announce the release of their second R package, Tplyr.

The release follows the success of Atorus’ first R package publication to the open source community, pharmaRTF, which has been downloaded over 1,500 times. It was created during the development process to replicate the CDISC pilot submission package, supporting the traditional appearance and style of outputs in RTF format.

“We wanted an R package that was easy to use in programming ICH-compliant tables and listings for statistical appendices and clinical reports. Our goal is industry-wide acceptance and use of open source to drive reporting standards and reduce complexity. Tplyr delivers on helping achieve this goal,” said Mark Penniston, founder and CEO. “We have built a package that establishes a fundamental framework for delivering static and dynamic output — with the best part being it’s open for all developers.”

Tplyr was designed to make data summary and formatting in clinical reports simple. The package allows users to focus on the data being presented, and less on how to get it there. By breaking tables into logical pieces, Tplyr enables users to assemble them layer by layer. Tedious aspects of data preparation, such as string formatting, are greatly simplified by easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, the package isolates the focus of Tplyr to data preparation, making sure display packages, such as Huxtable or GT, can be used to present data without disrupting preferred workflows. Download Tplyr on GitHub.

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