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Audio Discovery Platform “Spkr” Announces Its Launch

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Spkr, the first audio platform centered on short-form content, announces its launch today. The new free Spkr app curates podcasts using both short-form and full length podcasts and other audio. Spkr transforms how listeners discover new content: while other audio apps begin with silence, Spkr starts with sound, so users can discover new content while listening.

Spkr’s app contains short-form feeds of podcasts and other curated audio. The content on Spkr is organized into different channels, such as News & Politics, Self-Improvement, True Crime, Pop Culture, and a lot more. Spkr features include My Spkr, a personalized audio feed built from the content listeners choose, and Spkr Live, an always-on “living playlist” that updates continuously on the app.

Spkr’s leadership team together possesses unparalleled experience in digital platforms, with executive backgrounds at premier entertainment brands including MTV, SiriusXM, Legendary Entertainment, and CBS Radio.

“What radio and playlists have done for music, we are doing for podcasts,” explained Co-founder and CEO Andy Schuon, former President of Programming at CBS Radio and MTV, and CEO of numerous high-level digital platforms. “I’ve spent my career connecting content creators with audiences through strong brands driven by smart curation and engaging editorial. Our approach will benefit creators and accelerate adoption of podcasts globally.”

“Spkr is creating a network that celebrates content creators by promoting their shows and connecting content to potential new fans,” added Co-founder and Chief Content Officer Sandy Girard, former SiriusXM VP of Programming of Talk & Entertainment. “Spkr’s hosts and personalities will provide editorial context and commentary for its curated content that provides opportunities for both independent and established creators to promote their work.”

Explained Michael Jenson, Co-founder and COO: “The goal of Spkr is to connect listeners to the best podcasts and other on-demand audio by solving issues around search, time, and convenience: a challenge much talked about but not yet solved. Hearing a little bit of something without having to search for it is the gateway to discovery, and it mirrors everyday listening behavior.”

Spkr is available to download today in the iOS Store.

For further information, and to speak with CEO Andy Schuon, contact Richard Laermer;; 212-741-5106 x 216.

About Spkr

Spkr is a new free audio platform that presents highly curated and editorialized long and short-form content. CEO Andy Schuon has spent his career connecting content creators with audiences via the biggest radio stations and broadcast companies, while chairman Kevin Wall, noted for his role in the development and adoption of several media technologies, co-founded Live Earth and Live Eight. Wall was an early investor in Facebook and Akamai. For more information, please log onto