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Avoid Price Gouging When Rebuilding in the Aftermath of California Wildfires with Easier, Money-Saving Bids on BidBird®

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BidBird® has a unique online bidding process for buying and selling bulk construction products which features blind bids and orders. Suppliers see the quantity of competitors on screen causing them to bid more competitively. This new software procurement approach yields better pricing for wildfire victims, their contractors and insurance companies.

Price gouging exists because construction material suppliers are willing to charge more after a crisis. After you have entered the warehouse it feels like too much work to go somewhere else—so you pay more,” said Trevor Pan, BidBird Founder. “BidBird prevents this behavior by awarding the low bidder in a competitive auction. You do not have to leave your home or office. After bids are sent to your phone, pay and pick up your order in will call or have it delivered.”

Big box stores have highly polished supply chains that are less flexible in times of need.

BidBird does not require long-term contracts or long-term quantity commitments. Small suppliers can sell direct, for example, to distressed Californians. Emptying a small masonry yard in Nevada and delivering the masonry to the California job site is seamless using BidBird.

In the example above, this brings new sales to the masonry supplier and helps those who need construction materials in a targeted way. Since BidBird can source further from the California fires, and with smaller suppliers, the shortages will be less severe. Homeowners, homeowner associations, builders, institutions, and insurance companies have a new option when rebuilding in the aftermath of a disaster.

In addition to BidBird’s already low prices, Wildfire Relief Discounts will reduce the company’s commission by 90 percent for the affected counties in California through February 2021.

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About BidBird is a nationwide construction materials internet bidding service focused on small to mid-size buyers who lack the buying power of larger organizations and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

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