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Aya Miyaguchi Joins the Advisory Board of the Universal Protocol Alliance

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Aya Miyaguchi, the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, has joined the advisory board of the Universal Protocol (UP) Alliance to help achieve the goal of supporting the next 100 million users of blockchain technology . The UP Alliance is made up of a group of leading blockchain technology organizations, including Bittrex Global, Uphold, Cred, OmiseGO, CertiK, and Blockchain at Berkeley, all supporting the Universal Protocol Platform, a powerful digital asset reserve management and minting technology.

“I am very happy to support the Universal Protocol Alliance and its mission to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency and bolster interoperability of the global blockchain ecosystem. I look forward to working with the members of the Alliance to build the financial infrastructure necessary to support token interoperability, utility and a set of very practical use cases that bridge traditional financial services with the crypto community,” said Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Aya to the Universal Protocol Alliance Advisory Board,” said Dan Schatt, co-founder of the Universal Protocol Alliance and Cred. “To this day, Ethereum remains the predominant smart contract platform in the world, and is the protocol currently used for UP stablecoins and UP tokens minted by the Alliance. Aya’s years of experience with Ethereum and the crypto community will provide valuable insight and guidance to the UP Alliance.”

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About the Universal Protocol Alliance

A coalition of cryptocurrency companies and blockchain pioneers, the Universal Protocol Alliance seeks to accelerate the adoption of blockchain as a mainstream financial technology by making digital assets more accessible, secure and convenient to own. The Alliance Members consist of Bittrex, Cred, Uphold, OmiseGO, Blockchain at Berkeley, and CertiK.