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BARBICIDE® Issues its First Two-Million Digital, Hands-Free Professional Certifications with Merit

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California-based technology company Merit and BlueCo Brands, the manufacturer of BARBICIDE® and global leader of disinfection in the professional beauty industry, announced today their campaign to provide digital credentials to beauty professionals worldwide using Merit’s verified identity platform has exceeded two million BARBICIDE® recipients. What was previously offered by BARBICIDE® as a certificate that could be printed at home is now offered via the Merit app for beauty professionals to easily access and share via their mobile device. The certificates are granted for completion of BARBICIDE’s® widely utilized courses on safety standards and disinfecting procedures, as well as best-practices during COVID-19.

“We are committed to bringing technological leadership and innovation to the professional beauty industry, which is why we chose to work with Merit to make our certifications even more accessible by beauty professionals and their clients,” said BARBICIDE® Marketing Representative Charlotte DuJardin. “With Merit, millions of professionals can carry their certifications with them at all times, including those required by state or local licensing boards.”

BARBICIDE® and Merit will continue growing this partnership with an additional digital certification now being offered for proof of completion of the free Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training.

“BARBICIDE® is proud to play a part in educating the industry about cleaning and disinfection, and now with the COVID-19 crisis exposing the hidden pandemic of domestic violence, we recognize that beauty industry professionals are in a unique position to combat both of these public health emergencies,” added BARBICIDE® National Director of Industry Relations & Education Leslie Roste, BSN, RN.

“We are proud to further our partnership with BARBICIDE® to bring domestic violence education to the professional beauty industry, and put verified proof of that education in the hands of beauty professionals worldwide,” said Merit COO Jacob Orrin. “We are closely following the legislation in Tennessee to bring this life-saving training to all licensed cosmetologists, and hope other states will follow.”

Information about the specifics of each of these certifications can be found at the links below:

Beauty professionals can learn more at or

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