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BHMI’s Concourse Financial Software Suite “Future Proofs” Payment Processing With Equal Level Support of Card-Based, Non-Card and Alternative Payments

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In response to an increasingly complex payment processing environment – both in terms of volume and payment type — BHMI, a leading provider of payments software, confirmed its Concourse Financial Software Suite® supports all payment types, including traditional, card-based and non-card transactions as well as alternative payments options such as digital wallets and open banking payments.

Payment volumes are beginning to rebound from the pandemic’s initial impact, and digital transactions fueled by card-not-present (CNP) debit and other non-card payments are becoming more prevalent. A recent study commissioned by PULSE showed CNP debit transactions had increased by 21% in 2019, with account-to-account (A2A) transfers being the fastest growing category of debit, doubling over the same period. The study suggests this growth is likely related to both increased online shopping and use of P2P transfers through apps such as PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

This underscores the need for solutions that can easily handle account-based transactions and suggests the industry could benefit from a richer, more detailed approach to ISO 20022 protocols. In response, many companies now recognize the need to “future-proof” their infrastructure to ensure it can handle more varied payments types as we head into 2021. BHMI’s Concourse allows them to leverage improved payments logic, interface easily with all payments and transaction types, and transfer between each quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, this integration allows card-only consumers to easily add payments to their portfolio, providing greater flexibility.

BHMI is constantly updating its Concourse Financial Software Suite to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving payments ecosystem. In 2019, the company announced Concourse’s support for ISO 20022 payment format standards, allowing financial institutions to overcome semantic and syntax barriers often associated with cross-border payments. The software’s most recent enhancements allow financial institutions to better support current and future infrastructure changes as the payments industry continues to evolve.

“As alternative payment options become increasingly popular, it is vital that companies not only adapt to meet the current market, but also consider how future changes – and challenges – of the payments landscape will impact their infrastructure,” said Dr. Lynne Baldwin, President of BHMI. “Concourse has been designed with this in mind, ensuring our clients can solve the issues of today while having the capability and flexibility to adapt to what may come next.”

About BHMI

BHMI is a leading provider of product-based software solutions focused on the back office processing of electronic payment transactions. The company is best known as the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite® – a unique integrated collection of back office products allowing companies to quickly and easily adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments. Concourse is a cohesive and integrated package, including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing, and disputes workflow management, that reduces the cost and complexity of back office processing. Concourse’s continuous processing, near real‑time architecture and powerful rules engine is ideally suited for new payment initiatives like P2P and enables companies to perform back office processing for any type of payment transaction. To learn how your company can benefit from the power and flexibility of Concourse, please visit