Press release

Block Engineering Deploys PORTHOS (TM) Chemical Detection Systems for Japanese Olympics

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Block Engineering, LLC announced
today that its PORTHOS
(TM) automated chemical detection system has been deployed with the
Japan Disaster Management Agency at three locations in Japan. PORTHOS is
a small, rugged, lightweight, unit that detects and identifies chemical
warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals within seconds at
distances of 0.1 to 5 km. PORTHOS is currently used globally by Special
Forces, government agencies, first responders, and disaster management
teams to provide an early warning alert to dangerous airborne chemicals
in situations requiring instantaneous and accurate detection.

“We are proud to support the Safety and Security mandate in Japan with
the deployment of our PORTHOS chemical detection products. This is a
continued recognition and validation of the value this product brings to
the global safety and security equation,” said Al Weggeman, Block
Engineering’s President. “Safety and Security is a core market for Block
Engineering, and our team remains committed to improving and enhancing
our products to support this global requirement.”

“PORTHOS was selected because of its field proven reputation,
portability and technical superiority over competitive chemical
detection systems and will be deployed at the upcoming 2020 Olympic
Games,” added Roy Rondoe, Block’s Director of Sales EMEA. Rondoe added
that Block Engineering worked closely with Block’s Distributor ST Japan
on the sale of these systems. ST Japan will be providing follow on
technical support once the systems are deployed.

About Block: Block Engineering is a leading supplier of laser based
chemical solids and gas detection systems for the Safety, Security, and
Environmental markets. For more than 50 years, Block Engineering has
developed and manufactured mid-infrared chemical solid and gas detection
instruments using FTIR and Quantum Cascade Laser technology. Block
Engineering solutions are used by the aviation and transportation
industries, regulatory and customs authorities, government agencies and
military, commercial facilities and venues, and other secure facilities.
Applications include the screening of people, vehicles, baggage, cargo
and packages for explosives, drugs, and chemical agents and gases. To
learn more about Block Engineering, please visit the company’s website