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BlueCrest Announces More Versatility With the IntelliJet 20 HD with HP Brilliant Ink HP™

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BlueCrest is today announcing a new ink set and model, the IntelliJet 20 HD with HP Brilliant Ink. The announcement comes alongside BlueCrest’s production print partner, HP, who is also announcing the release of a new ink set enhancement for the HP PageWide T250 HD with HP Brilliant Ink™.

BlueCrest is offering the IntelliJet 20 HD printing system model and upgrade opportunity for existing clients, particularly for transaction mail applications as well as for clients who want to expand into more color-critical and higher-coverage applications. This innovation comes as BlueCrest has experienced a 22% increase in their high-speed inkjet install base year over year, while client print impression volume has increased 29% year over year.

The IntelliJet 20 HD with HP Brilliant Ink™ printing system is based on the HP PageWide T250 HD with HP Brilliant Ink™ and will allow clients to process more types of applications in a single platform, offering more versatility.

The platform lends itself for processing a wide range of applications–from transaction mail through high-coverage, color-critical, brand compliant complex communications.

“We are seeing a growing demand for a printing system that can produce color critical applications with greater coverage and personalization. As a result, there is a desire for a single, versatile platform that can produce not only transaction mail applications, but other types of applications including trans promo and even marketing mail with enhanced visual appearance and durability for the mailstream,” said Kevin Marks, Vice President, Global Production Print, BlueCrest.

With the IntelliJet 20 HD with HP Brilliant Ink™, clients can process more application types on a single platform. No longer do operations have to choose between printing platforms optimized for either high-speed transactional or color-critical applications. This means print and mail service providers can take advantage of the higher print quality now possible with inkjet to grow their business. In-plant operations can bring back work previously outsourced.

For BlueCrest clients, this means they can increase profits and expand business opportunities by upgrading printing performance and print quality—without a forklift upgrade.

The new IntelliJet 20 HD with HP Brilliant Ink™ includes the ability to:

  • Deliver eye catching color with bold reds and dazzling blues with glossy output. A new CMYK ink set offers an extended gamut, specifically designed to print with high quality on coated and uncoated offset media on a single printing system.
  • Expand application range with the digitally printed HP Optimizer which provides smooth color gradients and fills by compensating for batch to batch mill variation on offset coated media.
  • Maintain quality and productivity via a built-in color vision system and color spectrophotometer. HP’s QUICK Vision system monitors print quality in real-time and provides the operator with performance insights while running the printing system at rated speed.
  • Meet customer deadlines with confidence, printing at speeds up to 500 fpm (152 mpm) on the proven IntelliJet 20 HD printing system.
  • As an incremental accessory, for clients who want to leverage the output and apply a coating, the Harris and Bruno ExcelCoat ZRW Web Coater offers break-through capability for commercial and direct mail applications, delivering unsurpassed quality, productivity and economics.

As a leader in the transactional print and mail market, BlueCrest prides itself in producing solutions to optimize end-to-end workflow and drive maximum efficiencies across client operations.

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