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BookJane Joins Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network

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BookJane Inc. (BookJane) today announced it has joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network – a fast-growing ecosystem of organizations utilizing the revolutionary Workforce Dimensions solution and intelligent Kronos D5 platform.

“This partnership with Kronos leverages complementary product synergies enabling customers to adopt the best workforce management, call-out, and shift-fulfillment solutions available today,” stated Curtis Khan, CEO and founder of BookJane. “When used together, our platforms better enable healthcare facilities to get the right people with the right qualifications into the right shifts.”

BookJane’s call-out system for open shifts effectively creates a gig economy-like environment for healthcare facilities, enabling them to better optimize their internal staff and create shared resource pools with sister facilities.

“Right now, leveraging staff from sister care locations is helping facilities ensure ongoing quality care during the COVID-19 outbreak,” continued Khan. “We’re also significantly reducing call-out administrative time by connecting healthcare agencies’ team members with open shifts through the BookJane platform.”

Workforce Dimensions from Kronos is a next-generation workforce management solution. It delivers artificial intelligence woven into the foundation of the solution, real-time analytics to drive in-the-moment decision making, and a fully responsive user experience — all to empower employees and managers with the most engaging experience possible. The open application programming interface (API) framework of Kronos D5 makes it quick and simple for customers to extend the value of their workforce management investment with innovative and tightly integrated partner applications that drive user adoption.

“Workforce Dimensions is built on a completely open and extensible platform, enabling innovative integrations with partners, including BookJane, that empower employees in ways that simply are not possible with legacy solutions,” said Mike May, senior director of the Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network at Kronos. “Providing a great technology experience not only drives user adoption, but it also helps organizations engage and retain their workforce.”

About BookJane Inc.

BookJane is the world’s first award-winning healthcare platform that allows Care Communities to create their own gig-economy to more efficiently utilize their staff, reduce costs and provide better care. The enterprise platform is currently being offered throughout the United States and Canada.

BookJane’s platform can be deployed virtually and immediately. For more information, please email or call 1-855-265-5263 and visit: