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BrightTALK Continues Momentum in Virtual Events Market

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BrightTALK, the virtual events platform that brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow, today announced its continued market momentum, surpassing 10 million users in 2020. With the largest global platform for online B2B talks and events, BrightTALK enables professionals to talk with experts and learn from the best, while simultaneously empowering brands to execute on critical audience-building and lead generation initiatives.

Organizations have made a rapid shift to the virtual environment with the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic. In the absence of in-person events such as trade shows and industry symposia, BrightTALK has ably stepped into the breach, empowering companies – including many of those not previously online – to stage successful virtual events designed to engage with key audiences, acquire new buyers, and scale customer advocacy.

In 2020 alone, the company has hosted more than 190 BrightTALK Summit events for some 200,000 attendees across 1,700 webcasts, with 4.8 million minutes of content viewed, 6,700 questions asked, and 33,200 attachment downloads. BrightTALK’s rapid growth is illustrated by a more than 44% increase in demand for Summits. With an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for both audiences and presenters, BrightTALK has helped more than half of its customers pivot to virtual events, seeing a 120% year-over-year rise in the amount of content created for its webinars, delivering meaningful user engagement with an average viewing time of 45 minutes per event.

“Our company’s outstanding growth numbers are built on the fact that we’ve designed and built a platform that delivers engaging content, while simultaneously offering our clients a path to develop high-value leads,” said Paul Heald, CEO of BrightTALK. “Our goal is to support both professionals and businesses during this trying time. BrightTALK offers resources for professional growth as many seek new jobs or enhanced job security, while also empowering marketing teams to funnel high-quality leads to their sales teams through engaging, actionable content.”

BrightTALK is the only webinar provider that can deliver its clients a built-in audience, enabling marketers to acquire and inspire their ideal buyers with minimal effort. BrightTALK delivers a powerful ecosystem which activates both the content and demand generation elements of integrated go-to-market strategies. BrightTALK’s comprehensive product offerings support customers and sales prospects while delivering the best possible experience for clients, viewers and presenters.

The combination of world-class content with BrightTALK’s white-glove webinar services ensures that any event – big or small – goes off without a hitch, enabling BrightTALK clients to drive execution of their most visionary, powerful go-to-market strategies.

Top-Tier Customers and Marquee Events

Recently the company has broadcast a number of marquee events, including a coronavirus town hall with Dr. Anthony Fauci and an event featuring celebrity chef Tom Colicchio. In addition, the BrightTALK platform has been used to host large-scale events featuring pro golfer Padraig Harrington and chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

“In order to be authentic and really connect, virtual events must be designed and built for specific audiences and their needs,” commented Simon Lees, Chief Business Officer at BrightTALK. “The true value of the integrated BrightTALK platform lies in its ability to deliver relevant, timely and valuable messages that help drive marketing and sales results – no matter what the subject area – by effectively targeting and bringing in audiences that matter and then presenting them with live or on-demand content that provides a meaningful call to action.”

Continued Industry Recognition

BrightTALK also continues to garner positive recognition from industry analysts and observers, not only for the platform’s ability to quickly move events to the virtual realm but also for its potential value in augmenting physical events after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

For example, Frost and Sullivan honored BrightTALK with the 2020 North American Customer Value Leadership Award, highlighting BrightTALK’s emphasis on providing a strong customer experience driving retention and growth. In addition, a recent Forrester Spotlight report exploring virtual event vendors included BrightTALK as a B2B player in the webcasting marketplace. It also highlighted the extensive marketing capabilities associated with the virtual events sector, including the ability to interact with buyers at scale during uncertain times and to accelerate the digitization of physical events.

About BrightTALK

BrightTALK brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow. More than 10 million professionals engage with 125,000+ free talks and 1,000 online summits to discover new technologies, learn from trusted experts, and enhance their careers. Thousands of businesses use BrightTALK’s AI-powered content and demand marketing platform to grow revenue. BrightTALK was founded in 2002 and has raised more than $30 million in venture capital. Clients include Symantec, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services.