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caresyntax & ARC at Sheba Medical Center Launch Collaboration to Predict Surgical Outcomes Using AI and Machine Learning

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caresyntax, a pioneering developer in surgical automation, analytics and
AI, today announced the launch of a research and development
collaboration with ARC at Sheba Medical Center, the leading hospital
facility of its kind in Israel and the Mideast. Sheba Medical Center,
which is focused on game-changing medical innovation, was ranked by Newsweek
as one of the top ten best hospitals in the world in 2019. The
collaboration will enable caresyntax to measure surgical data across
more than 300 variables in oncological procedures using artificial
intelligence and machine learning to develop algorithms that will
predict surgical outcomes and enable a higher quality of care for both
patients and surgeons.

The ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) complex at Sheba Medical
Center collaborates with international medical centers and healthcare
companies around the globe to advance medical innovation, biotechnology
and patient care. Currently, Sheba Medical Center serves more than 1
million patients per year and more than 25% of all Israeli medical
clinical research is conducted in its facilities. Sheba Medical Center
has a proven track record of treating oncology patients, and caresyntax
will leverage ARC’s expertise and scale of data resources to enhance the
strength of caresyntax’s automation and analytics software.

As part of the collaboration, caresyntax will analyze electronic medical
records and data from over 3,000 surgical procedures in oncology across
more than 300 variables to develop algorithms using AI and machine
learning that can predict clinical outcomes. These algorithms will serve
as the foundation for real-team feedback that can help surgeons make
informed, patient-specific decisions before, during and after surgery.
caresyntax then will embed the resulting algorithms into
over-the-shoulder clinical decision support systems for surgical teams,
which will be tested in one of Sheba’s operating rooms by Professor
Aviram Nissan, Professor and Chief, Department of General and
Oncological Surgery, and Professor Haim Berkenstad, Director, Department
of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. Within caresyntax, the development
project is managed by its Surgical AI Labs (SAIL) group, based in
Berlin, Germany. As such, it is the first German technology venture to
launch a collaboration with ARC.

“We are thrilled to partner with a leading research and innovation
center such as ARC on this important project that has the potential to
transform the standard of surgical care for patients and surgeons
globally,” said Dennis Kogan, caresyntax Chairman and CEO. “Together, we
will be able to significantly enhance the real-time, decision-making
precision of our software platform to provide actionable insights to
surgeons throughout the surgical continuum, which, ultimately, will make
surgery safer and more effective. We look forward to working with
Professor Nissan and Professor Berkenstad, who share our mission to make
surgery safer for patients and more efficient for surgeons.”

Eyal Zimlichman, Deputy Director, Chief Medical Officer and Chief
Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center, said, “At Sheba, we are on a
mission to collaborate with partners like caresyntax to work together
within a singular setting to test and develop solutions that address
unmet clinical needs. We’re confident that through this partnership with
ARC, we can make huge strides in oncological surgery through the
combination of our data and caresyntax’s leading surgical intelligence
and automation technology.”

caresyntax and ARC at Sheba Medical Center expect to publish preliminary
results for the first phase of the research project in the second
quarter of 2020. Following those results, caresyntax expects to begin
the second phase of the project, which includes embedding the tested
algorithms into the intraoperative decision support module within the
caresyntax product portfolio.

caresyntax is working to make surgery smarter by combining AI, IoT and
analytics to transform unstructured clinical and operational data into
actionable, real-time surgical intelligence. In the last year,
caresyntax has launched key partnerships focused on accelerating
research and development of its products, including with MC Healthcare,
a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Corporation, Medizin im Grünen, Barco
Healthcare and Insel Gruppe AG.

About caresyntax

caresyntax is working to make mission-critical health care settings such
as surgery, interventional radiology and obstetrics smarter and safer.
The company’s proprietary solutions leverage IoT, analytics and AI
technologies to automate clinical and operational decision support for
surgical teams, and support all outcome contributors in the delivery and
management of risk-bearing contracts. By integrating data from medical
devices, electronic health records, and other sources inside the OR into
a unified data platform, caresyntax helps caregivers better identify and
manage risk, increase workflow efficiency, reduce surgical variability
and improve operational or clinical outcomes at the point of care.
Today, caresyntax technologies are used in more than 7,000 operating
rooms worldwide, and support surgical teams in over 10 million
procedures per year. More information at

About Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer

Born together with the State of Israel in 1948, Sheba Medical Center,
Tel HaShomer is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in the
Middle East. Sheba is the only medical center in Israel that combines an
acute care hospital and a rehabilitation hospital on one campus, and it
is at the forefront of medical treatments, patient care, research and
education. As a university teaching hospital affiliated with the Sackler
School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University, it welcomes people from all
over the world indiscriminately. To learn more, visit: