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Cartegraph Acquires SEMS Technologies, Creating Powerful Platform for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Operators

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Cartegraph today announced the acquisition of SEMS Technologies, a leading provider of water and wastewater utility software. This combination provides distribution, collection and treatment plant operators all the tools they need to manage their vertical and horizontal infrastructure: asset management, mobile work orders, regulatory compliance reporting, cross-connection control and more.

“Water is one of the most important resources for the health, safety and sustainability of our communities—and effective water infrastructure stewardship is critical to keep things flowing properly,” said Cartegraph CEO Josh Mallamud. “By bringing these companies together, we’re raising the bar for utility software: one powerful offering to track every asset, meet regulatory compliance and address other important operational issues. It is an important step to fulfilling our vision of being the most comprehensive, modern enterprise asset and work management platform for infrastructure owners. It demonstrates our commitment to continually deepen the domain expertise we bake into the platform.”

With a real-time mobile app and a two-way integration with Esri’s ArcGIS platform, Cartegraph users can complete work anywhere in the plant or system. Supervisors can organize work orders with proactive maintenance scheduling and use Scenario Builder to plan for budgeting and capital projects, such as water main replacement, plant rehabilitation or expansion and more.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the Cartegraph team,” said Mitch Copman, former CEO of SEMS Technologies and GM of SEMS at Cartegraph. “We have always focused on delivering great customer service along with tools that are built specifically for our users. Cartegraph has the same mindset, which is really exciting for us. By coming together, we are offering a really powerful platform for utilities of all sizes.”

Utilities integrate Cartegraph’s tools with their billing software to expedite response to requests and increase customer satisfaction. They also easily connect to SCADA, fuel and metering systems and leverage data from IoT sensors, automatically triggering critical inspections and repair work, as well as updates in the platform. These automated workflows streamline plant operations, saving time and money.

“Cartegraph is committed to being the most open and connected platform in the industry,” said Brad Holthaus, senior vice president of products at Cartegraph. “Our offerings are built to connect with other business-critical systems, so you are free to leverage best-of-breed solutions to optimize your operations and decisions.”

For more information on managing your water and wastewater infrastructure, please visit or call (800) 688-2656. Additionally, AWWA Virtual Summit attendees can visit the Cartegraph sponsor booth to see the solution in action.

About Cartegraph:

Cartegraph builds safer, more resilient and sustainable communities through better stewardship of facilities and infrastructure. They offer powerful, intuitive SaaS solutions that help water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, and private companies manage their physical assets and associated operations. With Cartegraph software, water professionals optimize the life of their infrastructure, deploy maintenance resources efficiently and increase productivity to drive high-performance utility operations. For more information on using Cartegraph to manage all your indoor, outdoor, above and below-ground water collection and distribution assets, visit

About SEMS Technologies:

SEMS Technologies, LLC is recognized as an industry leader for providing utilities and public works with an operations and maintenance management system, as well as utility regulatory compliance. Since the beginning, SEMS has had one focus: making technology comprehensive, yet simple for the user. Municipalities and agencies are burdened with aging infrastructure and ever-increasing compliance regulations. SEMS eases the impact of these issues and streamlines the processes at a reasonable cost. For more information, visit