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CEdMA Recognizes Cadence as Leader in Customer Education With 2020 Impact Award

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CEdMA announced today that the Cadence Customer Education team is the recipient of the 2020 CEdMA Impact Award for their move to a structured content development process, which they refer to as Asset-Based Development.

The CEdMA Impact Award seeks to recognize a CEdMA member company that shows a demonstrable impact from their customer education program to their company results. The Cadence Customer Education team has been recognized for significantly transforming their content development model in order to more effectively integrate their content into their live courses, online courses, micro-learning offerings and in-tool context-sensitive education offerings. The move to asset-based development resulted in an increased amount of training offerings (the team produced more), increase in quality scores, increase in student count, higher pass rate for exams, and a decrease in course development time.

The Cadence Customer Education team completely reimagined how they produced learning assets. Through strategy and the use of new tools and talent from within the team, they moved away from a tried-and-true formula to a model that forced the curriculum development team to think in a different way—starting with individual assets and building from there.

Cadence identified asset types, which they designed and templatized. Smaller asset chunks allowed them to establish new processes for content updates where only chunks that were impacted by change needed to be updated, which has been especially useful for localized multimedia content. They introduced automation that allowed them to more easily combine assets into learning deployments. They implemented tools to manage workflows. They took an integrative, holistic approach to solving their problem.

“It is an honor to be recognized by CEdMA for the impactful and innovative work we have done to improve our customer’s experience with Cadence’s educational offerings,” said Scott Hargraves, Customer Education Group Director at Cadence. “Winning this award is further validation that our integrative approach to addressing our customer’s needs has resulted in improved outcomes with the educational experience in terms of both quality and quantity. This translates into reduced support costs and happy Cadence customers.”

Hargraves continued, “CEdMA has been invaluable in providing a forum with customer learning leaders who share the valuable insights that have guided them to develop creative solutions to their customer education challenges. We certainly benefitted from these experiences as we crafted our solutions.”

Danielle Campbell, CEdMA Board President, states, “It is such a pleasure to recognize the transformative work done by CEdMA member companies with the Impact award. The work of the Cadence Customer Education team showcases the outstanding impact they were able to make with their customer education organization, and, ultimately, their customers. We are excited and honored to award Cadence the 2020 CEdMA Impact Award.”

The goals of the Cadence Customer Education team were to improve quality, reduce development time, single-source content for use and re-use when possible and provide content for non-English speaking customers. They were able to achieve those goals, which benefitted their customers and their internal teams.

The Cadence Customer Education team will showcase the impact it delivered during the CEdMA 2020 Connect conference, CEdMA’s annual leadership conference. Previous award winners for the CEdMA Impact, Innovation, and Services awards can be found at

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