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CGTN: Derek Chauvin Trial: History of Police Violence

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CGTN Correspondent Dan Williams has recently traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to produce this story.

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History of U.S. Police on Trial

The former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with killing African American George Floyd last May.

As CGTN’s Dan Williams reports, the trial echoes events of 30 years ago, when police were filmed by a bystander, beating a Black man named Rodney King. All of the officers involved were acquitted, sparking riots, although two of the officers were convicted of violating King’s civil rights in a federal court a year later.

Kevin Reese is the Director of Criminal Justice at Voices for Racial Justice. “This trial is for America to have an opportunity to show that we live up to our ideals of liberty and justice. This is a trial about them. This trial is about your justice system that you created. This is your language, your justice system so let’s see if you’ll honor your justice system,” Kevin said.

Since 2000, more than 200 people have been killed after a physical confrontation with law enforcement in Minnesota.

Brian Peters is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. He is calling for all sides to exercise restraint and work to find solutions.

“We banned chokeholds last August and that came from a conversation with our legislators and organizations like myself. We passed six police reform bills because we worked together. Whatever happens in this trial we are going to see an opportunity to work together or continue to divide,” he said.

Over the years, Jason Sole, adjunct professor at Hamline University, has helped launch a number of public safety initiatives. But he says, he also understands the anger in the community following George Floyd’s death.

“These young folks don’t have an outlet or aren’t being heard. We need justice for George Floyd. And if there ain’t no justice, there ain’t no peace. You know how this goes. So they get a chance to create the peace,” Jason said.

The local community along with the eyes of the world watch Derek Chauvin’s trial very closely.

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