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Chatterbug Introduces a New Way of Learning a Language with its Video-based “Streams” Mobile App

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Chatterbug, an online language learning system created by the co-founders of GitHub, is announcing the release of Streams, a mobile app that introduces an entirely new way of learning a language – through video-based language immersion that is as entertaining as it is effective. Unlike existing language apps, which emphasize vocabulary memorization, Streams embraces the philosophy that language is much more than just learning words and translations. Its immersive approach is modeled after the same way a child learns language – by listening to and interacting with real humans.

Available in German, Spanish, French and English, Streams is for language learners who want to build confidence and comprehension skills, and is designed to prepare them for practical, real-life scenarios. Streams features 8-10-minute, snackable videos tailored to each student’s level, available live or on-demand, and hosted by highly engaging, native speaking Streamers. Streams’ video content is built around storytelling, real-world situations, hobbies, and popular interests. Students learn through memorable scenarios such as cooking lessons, music, checking into a hotel, yoga practice, complaining to a landlord, apartment hunting, organizing a barbecue, Pixar film analysis, online shopping, and even discussing red carpet Oscar looks.

Scott Chacon, CEO and Co-Founder of Chatterbug: “Language learning is 90% exposure, and is much more than just learning words from a flashcard. There’s nuance, context and culture to language that you need to learn from the start. Fluency can only be achieved with exposure to fluent speakers. With Streams, you’re watching videos from fluent speakers on topics you want to learn about, and none of that nuance is lost.”

Streams’ story-based learning approach promotes long-term retention of vocabulary and grammatical concepts without the rote memorization techniques popularized by existing apps. It teaches authentic language with real humans, not clever AI or robots. Streams gives you a chance to hear different speech patterns, colloquialisms and even micro-accents from multiple Streamers – something you don’t get when you’re just listening to a canned, singular, robotic voice. While Streams teaches comprehension through listening, it is also interactive to promote active learning – students answer quizzes, participate in polls, and can engage live with the Streamers and other students.

Inda Härtlein, Chatterbug’s Chief Learning Officer: “There is a persistent myth that some people are bad at learning languages, which is inadvertently reinforced by gamified flashcard apps that promise fluency in six months but don’t deliver. Anyone can learn a language with the right learning approach. Whether you are preparing to travel on vacation, living in a new country, or wanting to engage with colleagues from other countries, Streams is the perfect app for building confidence – the first step in language learning.”

Streams is a subscription-based app affordably priced between $1.99 and $3.99 per month for unlimited access to livestreams and the on-demand library. Streams draws from Chatterbug’s ever-growing content library of language lessons in Spanish, French, German and English. Chatterbug offers nearly 500 on-demand language lesson videos and is adding more than 30 new lessons every week.

Chatterbug Streams is a stepping stone to Chatterbug Lessons, the company’s online video lessons with private tutors. Once Streams students demonstrate progression within the app, they are encouraged to try Lessons’ one-on-one tutoring to practice conversing and to expand their fluency. Chatterbug Lessons has nearly 100,000 students in 75 countries and tutors in 30 countries.

Chatterbug Streams is available for download for iPhone and Android. To learn more about Chatterbug, Streams and Lessons, please visit, or follow Chatterbug on Twitter and Instagram.

About Chatterbug

Chatterbug is an online language learning system that launched in fall 2017. Created by the co-founders of GitHub, Chatterbug gives people a new way to learn to speak a language that combines the flexibility and simplicity of language learning apps with the effectiveness of attending an in-person language school. Chatterbug embraces the philosophy that language is best learned by listening to and interacting with real humans. Chatterbug offers two products: Streams, an app with live-streamed and on-demand videos developed for language learners who want to build confidence and comprehension skills, and Lessons, private 1:1 tutoring via online video. Chatterbug is headquartered in San Francisco, with European headquarters in Berlin.