Press release

Clarifications Regarding AlphaWallet Tokenisation Project with Shankai Sports

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Recently AlphaWallet announced our tokenisation project with Shankai Sports. However, the nature of the relationship has been incorrectly reported by the suggestion that this project was in partnership with UEFA and related to UEFA EURO 2020(TM). The original announcement has therefore been removed.

We extend our apology for any trouble this has caused UEFA and we would like to clarify what AlphaWallet is working on with Shankai Sports.

To be clear:

  1. AlphaWallet does not have any partnership with UEFA nor any of its events including UEFA EURO 2020(TM).
  2. AlphaWallet’s project is NOT related to any previous or current UEFA blockchain based solutions, neither is it related to the distribution of any tickets or hospitality packages for any of UEFA’s events, including UEFA EURO 2020(TM).
  3. AlphaWallet and Shankai Sports have partnered to explore tokenisation solutions only for Shankai’s internal projects.
  4. AlphaWallet is an open source tokenisation technology provider. We are NOT in the ticketing business, nor is it our intention to be.

About AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is founded by blockchain geeks and business professionals who believe blockchain technology will have a massive impact on the future and change the landscape of technology in general. We strive to make this vision a reality by providing an easy-to-use platform which makes the technology available for anyone. We believe in the future of everyone benefiting from technology-enabled free markets.

About Shankai Sports

Shankai is the Exclusive Sales Agent for residents in China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taipei. It is a fast-growing sports marketing company that provides sports business operations solutions for domestic and foreign investors. They have a deep understanding of the local market and have an exclusive domestic and international network. They have extensive experience in major international sports events and fully understand the needs of international sports event participants.