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Closing the Digital Gap: Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico and Sacred Wind Communications Expand Access to Online Learning

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With more than 13,000 confirmed cases and rising across New Mexico, COVID-19 increasingly presents a public health risk. As many across the state are seeking alternatives to a return to in-person learning that will provide education continuity, Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico (NMDCA) and Sacred Wind Communications are working together to make online learning more accessible to students and families statewide.

With a goal of lowering barriers to a successful online education experience, Sacred Wind will provide internet access to eligible students and families with demonstrated financial needs who plan to enroll at NMDCA. This will open the door for many to have the option to choose a safe, online learning environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to U.S. Census data on internet access, New Mexico ranks amongst the least connected states in the nation. With nearly one in five residents living below the poverty line, and numbers higher in Native American communities, this partnership will provide the pathway for students and families to enroll in an online school and attend classes led by state-certified teachers from their homes.

Since schools across New Mexico closed in March due to COVID-19, many have transitioned to an online school environment. A program of Gallup-McKinley Schools, Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico is a public school option offering students a tuition-free, personalized learning experience in a full-time online setting.

“We are excited to provide more students and families with a choice in their education,” said Mike Hyatt, Superintendent of Gallup-McKinley Schools. “At a time when many are seeking alternatives to a traditional school model, we are taking down barriers and welcoming more New Mexico families to our online academy.”

“This is an exciting moment for Sacred Wind to help open the doors to the future of education,” said John Badal, President of Sacred Wind Communications. “By collaborating with NMDCA, we will increase accessibility for those looking for an online education and we are proud to give back to our community and make a positive impact on families across the state.”

Many families and students are choosing online learning programs because it provides an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education in an environment designed for full-time, online learning. Students of all backgrounds, abilities, gifts, and goals can balance a full academic schedule along with extracurricular pursuits or other specialized needs.

Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico is available tuition-free for students who reside anywhere in the state. The program is currently enrolling students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

To learn more, visit or download the free K12 mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

About Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico

Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico (NMDCA) is a full-time online learning program of Gallup-McKinley County Schools that serves students statewide in kindergarten through 12th grade. NMDCA is tuition-free to New Mexico students and gives families the choice to access the curriculum provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of K-12 proprietary curriculum and online education programs. For more information about NMDCA, visit

About Sacred Wind Communication

Sacred Wind Communications is a privately owned, New Mexico-based company, dedicated to improving telecommunications services to rural areas within New Mexico. For more information, go to