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CloudLinux Announces Live Updates for Devices on Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

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CloudLinux announces that its automated, live kernel patching service KernelCare can be deployed with Microsoft making it possible to update entire networks of devices and apply security patches without having to halt operations or restart devices.

CloudLinux collaborated with Microsoft to create an integration for KernelCare IoT with Device Update for IoT Hub, filling a critical gap to update devices during runtime.

“A tiny IoT sensor can expose your organization to as much harm as a large, physical server,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer, CloudLinux. “Effectively managing large numbers of IoT devices is challenging to say the least, while neglecting maintenance aspects such as device updates and patching leads to significant security risks. No one wants to go through re-boots and service interruptions for an entire fleet of IoT devices and KernelCare resolves that issue.”

Currently, KernelCare for IoT supports four Linux distributions commonly used on IoT devices – Ubuntu Core, Yocto Project, Raspbian and Amazon Linux 2 on EC2 A1. Supported chipsets include popular ARM processors, as well as AWS Graviton 2 and NXP processors.

Due to the unique nature of every enterprise IoT deployments, free proof-of-concept evaluations are offered for enterprise IoT users.

About KernelCare

KernelCare is a product of CloudLinux, which has been making Linux more secure and stable since 2010. KernelCare provides live patching across many Linux distributions. Using KernelCare, enterprises enjoy rebootless kernel and library patching – increasing security, stability and availability of Linux servers and devices.

KernelCare delivers a dedicated service for commercial IoT projects, including integration with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub. Pricing is customized and determined after a proof-of-concept project. For more information, visit

About CloudLinux

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CloudLinux Inc. develops a hardened Linux distribution, Linux kernel live security patching, extended support options for Linux, and web server security software used by enterprises, service providers, governments and universities all over the world.

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