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Common Data Platform MLSs Select Remine SSO Dashboard to Power Authentication for MLS, Associations, and Brokerage Dashboards

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Remine, a leading real estate technology company, announced today that the Common Data Platform (CDP), a consortium consisting of NorthStarMLS, Iowa Association of REALTORS®, and MARIS MLS, has selected the Remine SSO Dashboard for its more than 35,000 REALTOR® subscribers.

Remine technology will be the first of its kind to be integrated with the CDP infrastructure consisting of MLS-developed and owned database and listing input management technologies. It will give MLS subscribers the familiar ability to access a dashboard for all MLS products, news, events, and more. Further, the modern Remine SSO Dashboard provides the MLS with administrative tools that allow their association and broker partners to add their business partners to their custom created dashboards. This will dramatically reduce their historic costs associated with less functional SSO products.

The CDP allows “plug and play” best of breed solutions for its MLS partners. Their combined resources and scale allow them to push toward a future that ends dependency on a single source supplier resulting in greater freedom and choice, including “front end of choice” options down to the individual user. CDP utilizes their collective purchasing power to generate cost savings that benefit all MLSs within the consortium.

“The Remine team earned this opportunity through their approach to open MLS architecture and modular based system design,” said John Mosey, CEO at NorthStarMLS. “That allows them to integrate within the portion of our CDP architecture where we felt it was simpler and more cost effective to outsource instead of develop in-house. It’s been demonstrated to be fast, reliable, and extensible to brokers and associations.”

“Over the years, our relationship has grown in strength and trust through the successful delivery and support of leading-edge data and software,” said David Price, CEO at MARIS MLS. “With the addition of a few key staff players at Remine this has only improved our outlook for them as long-term partners.”

“I feel as if the MLS side of our business is starting to build the foundation for future adaptability and resilience in an ever-changing landscape,” said Gavin Blair, CEO of Iowa REALTORS®. “While we know there will be bumps along the journey, we’re becoming more appreciative of our collaboration with forward thinking MLSs like NorthStarMLS and MARIS. As an Association-focused professional, I am fortunate to have partners on the MLS side that share my passion for providing unparalleled service to our members, and I know that through this consortium and partnerships like this one with Remine, Iowa members are going to benefit.”

Remine SSO Dashboard is expected to join Remine Pro and become available to CDP Subscribers in Q3 of 2021.

About Remine

Remine is revolutionizing MLS software solutions. We offer a complete MLS 2.0™ operating system for MLSs which includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), Add/Edit, Database, and RESO Platinum API solutions. In addition, Remine offers SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management, and MLS Website.

Remine serves the majority of REALTORS® in the US – over 1,000,000 real estate professionals subscribe via their MLS or Board or Association of REALTORS®. We are headquartered in Northern Virginia with remote employees across the US and in Canada. For more information visit

Remine is ISO 27001 Certified.

About CDP

CDP is a consortium of MLSs that work toward the common goal of removing artificial boundaries and barriers affecting cooperation between brokers by owning our own database technology, mitigating vendor lock, controlling shared operating expenses, and leveraging purchasing power while providing choice and flexibility beyond what has been historically available.