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Corent Technology Partner CoStratify Integrates Corent Data to Provide On-premises TCO App

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CoStratify is a leading UK specialist service provider with a focus on delivering ‘strong evidence for change.’ With years of experience helping organisations understand, analyse and account for the costs of owning, maintaining and delivering core IT systems and applications, CoStratify partnered with Corent Technology to help complete a full and accurate picture of the existing IT estate, and to deliver an understanding of the potential cost saving to be had from a move to cloud computing platforms.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

CoStratify customers reflect a common challenge for all organisations; namely, how to commit to digital transformation from an unknown start point? Most companies and public sector bodies struggle to accurately and comprehensively cost their existing IT systems, and this is the typical start point for a CoStratify engagement.

With the same challenge in all customer situations CoStratify saw a need and an opportunity to engage at scale – a vision that led to the CoStratify Platform, an application that delivers the value of CoStratify tried and tested processes through a SaaS-based subscription service, reducing cost and offering ongoing value over time.

The CoStratify Platform integrates with Corent’s SurPaaS® platform, ingesting data from scans of on-premise systems to help build an authoritative view of what is there. This is integrated with existing ledger records and other sources to build the CoStratify Platform TCO and other reports. CoStratify Platform customers get to quickly understand their existing cost base and TCO, forming context and a core part of the strong evidence for change needed to help them commit to digital transformation initiatives that will drive their organisations forward over the coming years.

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“We are delighted to see the truly ground-breaking work of CoStratify in bringing the CoStratify Platform to market,” commented Feyzi Fatehi, Corent Technology CEO. “Our commitment to our partners is second to none, and we took the decision to open our APIs to allow precisely this type of integration to take place. We expect to see much more of this type of innovation and development across the Corent partner community, leveraging the core value of the data and insights we provide in support of cloud adoption.”

Andy Yates, CoStratify Director, said, “Working with Corent has been fantastic – and essential! The data we get from SurPaaS® is the key ingredient of the TCO reports we produce via the CoStratify Platform. Our customers get a full audit of their IT systems from the SurPaaS® data feed, and we can take the cloud feasibility SurPaaS® generates to help them see and understand their options for cloud adoption.”

Corent Technology and CoStratify plan to collaborate on further integration between their two technologies to offer even greater value to their common partners and customers.

About Corent Technology

Corent Technology, Inc. is a leading innovator in the cloud migration and SaaS-enablement technology space. Corent’s SurPaaS® Platform is used by key enterprises, system Integrators and cloud providers to enable rapid discovery, analysis, planning, optimisation, and migration to the cloud; and optionally, automated transformation of software applications to efficient, scalable SaaS. Corent is managed by a team of industry veterans from Microsoft, IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, and VMware among others.

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About CoStratify

CoStratify’s mission is to ensure we help customers gain the most value from their IT. Our goal is to help you choose the right approach, technology and services in a deliberately strategic way. We believe in continuously helping to inform our clients of these choices as they navigate the challenges and constraints in realising a successful digital transformation for their organisation.

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