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CPS HR Consulting Awards $20K Talent Management Grant to the County of San Mateo

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At its annual talent management conference, CPS HR Consulting awarded its $20,000 Talent Management Grant to the County of San Mateo, California, to support its efforts in establishing an internal coaching program. This program will enhance employee engagement and commitment, improve performance and accelerate talent development.

In 2011, the County of San Mateo conducted its first employee engagement survey as part of an effort to improve employee retention and organizational performance. The survey strongly indicated a need to strengthen relationships between employees and their supervisors or managers. As a result, the County of San Mateo recommended that an essential supervisory skills program be implemented, with an emphasis on coaching and feedback. That then led to an innovative performance management pilot to focus on performance conversations. To further strengthen and develop a coaching culture, an internal coaching program was created. The objective being to provide each manager access to a personal coach to support their success.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s recipient of the grant,” said Jerry Greenwell, CEO, CPS HR Consulting. “This project has the ability to revolutionize the way HR practitioners manage relationships between supervisors and subordinates, so we’re excited to see the end result and the impact it has.”

The County of San Mateo explored both internal and external coaching programs before deciding that an internal model would be the best fit. In addition to more manageable logistics and consistent processes, those familiar with the culture of an organization are better positioned to assist new mangers in navigating through the complex organizational system. While external coaching can be beneficial, it’s cost prohibitive and doesn’t facilitate internal connections or networks.

“By implementing this program, we are creating a work environment that deepens connections across the organization, increases retention and improves overall performance,” said Rocio Kiryczun, human resources director, the County of San Mateo. “We’re thrilled that CPS HR saw the value in this project and hope the results will be beneficial to HR professionals everywhere.”

The program began in November of 2018 and will be reevaluated in August 2020.

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About the County of San Mateo

The County of San Mateo is located in California and employs approximately 5,500 employees who serve more than 700,000 residents. It is included in the San Francisco Bay Area and exists solely to improve the quality of life for thousands of Californians, daily.