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Darby Dental Supply Announces Partnership with CareStack®, Further Expanding Suite of Technology Solutions

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Darby Dental Supply, one of the nation’s largest dental distributors,
announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with
CareStack, an innovative technology company that has developed a
revolutionary cloud-based software solution for dental practice
management. CareStack’s groundbreaking software is the first of its
kind, combining patient engagement, business analytics, integrated
phone, revenue cycle management, charting, claims and scheduling onto a
single platform while eliminating the need for practices to seek out
multiple providers and navigate complicated, costly integrations.
CareStack’s single-software solution provides a significant cost-savings
over the patchwork of options most dentists are currently using.

This partnership further advances Darby’s position as a comprehensive
solutions provider by adding another valuable resource to its growing
range of services and fueling Darby’s commitment to helping its
customers operate efficiently and profitably. CareStack’s all-in-one,
cloud-based platform helps dental practices of all sizes better manage
their clinical, financial and administrative workflows.

“As technology continues to transform the dental industry, the choice to
partner with CareStack was a natural one. Darby aims to provide our
customers with the most advanced and user-friendly solutions available,”
said Michael Caputo, President of Darby Dental Supply. “To effectively
manage their businesses, dental practices traditionally had to cobble
together multiple software solutions, each requiring costly licenses,
integration, support and updates. CareStack allows practitioners to
leverage a single solution to increase practice productivity, optimize
patient care, and communicate with their patients.”

“With CareStack, dental practices get a modern all-in-one solution on
the cloud with advanced capabilities for centralization, automation, and
analytics that provide more opportunities to maximize insurance
reimbursement and enhance patient experience,” said Abhi Krishna,
Co-Founder and CEO of CareStack. “Both Darby and CareStack share a deep,
customer-centric culture and an undying commitment to elevate dental
practices to the next level of financial success. Together we look to
redefine dental practice management through our combined technology-led

The collaboration with CareStack complements Darby’s growth strategy to
expand its ecosystem of full-service solutions and cutting-edge
technology. As customers seek out more convenient ordering channels and
faster response times, Darby has invested in technological solutions to
allow customers to personalize the way they do business. The company
recently launched a new user-optimized website and mobile app, complete
with an inventory management system.

About Darby Dental Supply

Darby Dental Supply, LLC, is one of the largest dental distributors in
the United States, shipping over one million orders each year.
Headquartered in Jericho, NY, the company was founded in 1948 and has
expanded into seven sales offices and three fully-automated distribution
centers strategically positioned across the country. As a low impact
solutions provider, Darby gives general practitioners and specialty
dental practices convenient access to over 50,000 products without
interrupting daily workflow. By focusing on world-class service,
dedicated customer care and a progressive spirit, Darby helps dental
practices across the country operate more efficiently.

In addition to physical products, Darby provides innovative and
forward-thinking solutions such as a technology services division,
capital equipment division, surgical division, equipment repair services
and a full line of private label products. For more information, please

About CareStack

CareStack’s mission is to give dental healthcare practitioners greater
understanding and control over their fiscal health using cloud-based
technology. CareStack is a unique enterprise practice management
solution designed for dental practices, allowing them to run more
efficient operations and deliver better patient dental care. To learn
more, please visit