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daVinci Payments Brings Video, Behavior Offers and Loyalty Enrollment to Payments with Brand Accelerator

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daVinci Payments announced the launch of Brand Accelerator, a first-of-its-kind Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to make payments a seamless branded experience for recipients—from beginning to beyond the point of payment. The launch of Brand Accelerator demonstrates daVinci’s commitment to offering branded payments that generate greater value through enhanced engagement.

At a time when brands are working to stretch their marketing dollars to an audience operating heavily online, Brand Accelerator helps to fill the gap in branded opportunities left in part by physical marketing experiences that are currently unavailable. daVinci’s Brand Accelerator empowers organizations to deliver payments with branded and educational video, behavioral triggered purchase and referral offers, enrollment in loyalty, product registration and email programs, and more.

The product will be demonstrated via webinar on April 28 along with relevant shopper, employee, gig and renter insights from recent studies.

“We found in national research and beta pilot programs that consumers, B2B customers, employees, contractors, channel partners, renters and non-profit recipients of all kinds welcome branded engagement when redeeming and checking their payment balances,” explained Rodney Mason, daVinci Payments chief revenue officer. “The Brand Accelerator is a win for all stakeholders as it adds significantly more value and engagement between brands and payees at a time when it is needed most,” Mason added.

daVinci’s Brand Accelerator has been running Beta tests since August 2019 and is now available for wide use. As the first solution of its kind in the payments space, this product is revolutionizing the customer experience, boosting brand engagement and positively impacting the bottom line for companies to address the current challenges in the market.

The content and engagement brands can now leverage via Brand Accelerator spans from video and surveys to behavioral based special offers, and sign-ups, including enrollment in loyalty, on-going customer updates, product registration and warranty programs.

Brand Accelerator payments are first activated via email links. From there, customers are guided through a branded experience starting from the payment home page. The platform then uses payee opt-ins and engagement history to continue personalized customer interaction and trigger-based high value messaging.

To learn more about Brand Accelerator, register here for the product demo webinar on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, which will review the solution and also allow time for Q&A or visit:

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