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Desktop Metal Now Shipping the World’s First Office-Friendly Metal 3D Printing System to Companies Throughout Europe

Desktop Metal is now shipping the Studio System, the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing ... 0
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Desktop Metal is now shipping the Studio System, the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing ...

Desktop Metal, the company committed to making metal 3D printing
accessible to manufacturers and engineers, today announced it has begun
shipping its Studio System™ to customers and resellers throughout
Europe. The world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing system for
functional prototyping and low volume production, has met with strong
adoption in North America among leading companies, including Ford,
Stanley Black and Decker, Google’s ATAP, Goodyear, Owens Corning, and
John Zink Hamworthy Combustion. Building on that momentum, the Studio
System is now CE certified for international compatibility and being
installed at customers throughout Europe, including France, Germany,
Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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Desktop Metal is now shipping the Studio System, the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing ...

Desktop Metal is now shipping the Studio System, the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing system, to companies throughout Europe. (Photo: Business Wire)

“When Desktop Metal first launched, we set forth a mission to
fundamentally change how the world designs and produces metal additively
manufactured parts, from functional prototyping to mass manufacturing,”
said Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal. “We have been
delivering on that vision throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are now
ready to step onto the global stage to further accelerate our business
expansion and answer the impressive demand of the European market.”

In anticipation of the international expansion, Desktop Metal has been
working for more than a year with a select group of strategic customers
as early stage evaluators of its technologies. These strategic partners
have been a source of key user feedback on benchmark parts, materials,
training and system usage. International customers of the Studio System
span multiple industries, including automotive, education and defense,
as well as service providers of luxury brands and consumer products.
Leading companies, including BMW Group in Germany; Politecnico Di
Milano, one of the largest technical universities in Europe and Additive
Italia srl (Add+It) in Italy; EGIBIDE and Centro Avanzado de Fabricación
(IMH) in Spain; Edalis, Soprofame and MSA in France; Weir Group and the
city of Sheffield in the UK; Jade Groupe of Portugal, which specializes
in metal parts production for the luxury fashion world; and BAZIGOS of
Greece, a manufacturing firm specializing in high precision components,
are among the first customers to benefit from the ease of use and
accessibility provided by the Studio System.

Studio System for Metal Prototyping and Low Volume Production
Studio System is designed to make metal 3D printing more accessible,
enabling design and engineering teams to print metal parts faster,
without the need for special facilities, dedicated operators, or
expensive tooling. The three-part solution, including printer, debinder
and furnace, automates metal 3D printing by tightly integrating through
Desktop Metal’s cloud-based software to deliver a seamless workflow for
printing complex metal parts in-house—from digital file to sintered part.

To date, Studio Systems worldwide have fabricated more than 10,000
parts, with applications ranging from functional prototyping of extruder
nozzles and shock absorber pistons; to jigs & fixtures, including
robotic end effectors and smartphone fixtures; to manufacturing tooling
of zipper molds inserts and extrusion dies; and low volume production of
gears and motor mounts. Each of these benchmark parts has shown drastic
cost reduction – some by as much as 90 percent relative to machining and
selective laser melting (SLM) – as well as speed in fabrication,
producing parts in days instead of weeks or months.

Early Customer Applications and Highlights
Customer feedback
on benefits companies can now achieve include:

  • Built to Scale: The Studio System offers a 10 times larger
    sintering volume than competitive systems, which enables
    cost-effective, low-volume production of metal parts. One Studio
    furnace supports up to five printers, allowing for batch processing
    for high throughput.
  • Superior Parts: Mechanical properties, material properties,
    surface quality, feature fidelity, geometry, size, dimensional
    accuracy – the Studio System considers each of these critical factors
    with expertly engineered features to ensure great parts.
  • Safe for the Office: A key differentiator of the Studio System
    is that it prevents exposure of solvents to users and does not require
    external ventilation. The system is designed for use in a range of
    environments — office, lab, shop — making it easy for any engineer to
    make metal parts in-house.


  • Edalis, a unique kind of industrial concierge, is a major
    player of 3D printing services in France, from project study to
    production,” said Nicolas Blanchard, Managing Director at Edalis. “Our
    design office and workshops allow us to deliver final end-use parts.
    Our choice to invest in the Desktop Metal Studio System is based on
    our willingness to continue innovating for our customers, complement
    our quality equipment installed base and be very agile thanks to the
    easiness and flexibility of this tool.”
  • Soprofame is a machining, precision engineering and additive
    manufacturing expert, for plastic and metal. “We decided to invest
    in the Desktop Metal Studio System in order to provide our customers a
    complementary solution to our machining expertise,” said Jean-Baptiste
    Frenel, Director at Soprofame. “This innovative technology will allow
    us to answer our customer needs with more effectivity and reactivity,
    bringing a real value added to our know-how and a differentiating
    offer in an ever-changing market.”
  • Founded in 1985, MSA is a recognized expert of boilerwork,
    welding and public lighting. “MSA chose to invest in Additive
    Manufacturing technologies to diversify these offerings and better
    answer customer solutions,” said Martial Champion, CEO of MSA. “The
    Studio System will allow us to produce in-house metal parts with a
    variety of complexities, with more speed and flexibility. Among other
    AM solutions, the Studio System was the easiest to implement and safer
    for our operators.”


  • “As a leading molds manufacturing company servicing the largest
    Greek and multinational customers worldwide that rely on high
    precision parts, the adoption of the Studio System is a dynamic
    complement to our expanding plastic and metallic parts production
    center,” said Mr. Manos Bazigos – Managing Director, N. Bazigos SA.
    “In addition to rapid metal prototyping for customer products that
    range from domestic appliances, refrigerators, electric cookers, to
    lighting and locks, we also see tremendous opportunity for creating
    molds, jigs and fixtures as well as opening up the avenue of low
    volume replacement parts for our customers.”


  • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) is among the largest and leading
    technical universities in Europe. In the specific area of Mechanical,
    Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, POLIMI is ranked 1st in
    Italy, 3rd in Europe and 7th worldwide. “The Studio System
    completes the range of metal Additive Manufacturing solutions in our
    state-of-the-art AddMe lab,” said Bianca Maria Colosimo, Ph.D.
    Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for
    Research. “With the Studio System, we will be carrying out several
    types of research to explore novel solutions for additive
    manufacturing, including process modeling and optimization,
    benchmarking with other existing or newly-developed processes, in-situ
    monitoring and more.”
  • Additive Italia is a company specialized in simulation driven
    engineering and generative design focused on Additive Manufacturing
    for metals. “Add-it offers a unique complete consultancy for the
    analysis, development, prototyping and industrialization of metal
    components, based on Additive Manufacturing,” said Marco Preziosa,
    CEO. “We selected Desktop Metal technology as we see in this indirect
    metal 3D printing process the future of manufacturing, bringing speed,
    flexibility, cost-effectiveness and wide potential of materials
    choice. Also, Desktop Metal’s huge competencies on the software side
    will be a key asset to expand Add-it digital solutions.”


  • The Machine Tool Institute (IMH) is an Advanced Manufacturing
    Center that offers specialized training in Advanced Manufacturing (AM)
    and Technological / Organizational Innovation services for companies. “At
    IMH, we are constantly seeking new advanced manufacturing technologies
    to foster increased innovation among our students and business
    professionals in the Basque country,” said Xabier Cearsolo, AM
    Department Manager, Centro Avanzado De Fabricacion – IMH. “The
    Desktop Metal Studio System should quickly become a key educational
    and training tool for those in the IMH community who are looking to
    expand their metal 3D printing knowledge and remain ahead of the
  • EGIBIDE is a recognized school and training center with 75
    years of experience. “Our goal at EGIBIDE is to connect our
    students with the most advanced tools and know-how of the society of
    the 21
    st century,” said Jon Uriarte,
    Educator. “We chose to invest in the Desktop Metal Studio System to be
    at the forefront of metal AM technology. Also, the cost per part and
    easiness to install and operate – no laser, no powder – will allow
    improved technology transfer to our region’s companies.”

In addition to shipments now underway in USA, Canada and Europe, the
Studio System is available to reserve in 48 countries, including Asia
Pacific, EMEA, and Mexico. To provide superior customer service, the
company has a growing global network of 85 sales partners and resellers,
all experienced in manufacturing equipment distribution. European
customers submitting new orders can expect to receive their systems
within eight weeks or sooner. Availability of the Studio System will
vary by country and interested buyers should visit
for more information.

About Desktop Metal
Desktop Metal, Inc., based in
Burlington, Massachusetts, is accelerating the transformation of
manufacturing with end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions. Founded in
2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the
company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality
to make metal 3D printing an essential tool for engineers and
manufacturers around the world. Since its inception, the company has
raised $438 million in financing with a portfolio of strategic partners
and investors including Ford Motor Company, GV (formerly Google
Ventures), GE Ventures, BMW iVentures, Koch Disruptive Technologies,
Lowe’s, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and more. Desktop Metal was
selected as one of the world’s 30 most promising Technology
by the World Economic Forum and named to MIT Technology
Review’s list of 50
Smartest Companies
. For more information, visit