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Destinations Career Academies Offer Support to Schools, Families Disrupted by Coronavirus

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As coronavirus spreads across borders, the career readiness education provider Destinations Career Academies is offering schools, districts and parents essential education resources to help address this issue, including access to technology platforms, state-licensed educators, and standards-aligned curriculum and career-oriented coursework delivered online.

“The impact of the middle school and high school years on a student’s long term college and career goals cannot be understated, and when schools have to close, students cannot afford to miss out on valuable learning opportunities,” said Shaun E. McAlmont, President of Career Learning Solutions at K12 Inc. “Our thoughts are with all who are affected by this virus, here in the U.S. and around the world. Destinations Career Academies stand ready to allow students, educators and families to maintain a consistent learning environment, regardless of personal circumstances or community upheaval.”

Communities across the world are already facing difficult choices about infrastructure planning and keeping citizens safe. In Hong Kong, schools have closed for two months. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called for all schools to close until the end of the school year in late March. In February, the first high school in Washington state closed while a staff member was being tested and quarantined for the virus.

Destinations Career Academies offer a range of education resources, including district solutions and full and part-time public and private school enrollment. In twenty U.S. states, Destinations Career Academies offer students tuition-free public education options. The interactive and dynamic curriculum is developed with business and industry professionals to provide opportunities for students to explore college and career options while charting their own path to graduation and beyond. With innovative technology, an interactive curriculum, and project-based learning opportunities, students learn the social and professional skills required in a digital, tech-driven economy.

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Career readiness education (CRE) recognizes that learning is a lifelong journey. It provides students, of every age and background, with skills to enter careers in high-growth, in-demand industries—including information technology, business, health services, and advanced manufacturing. With innovative technology, an interactive curriculum, and project-based learning opportunities, CRE students learn the social skills and professional demands required in a digital, tech-driven economy. K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) is a premier provider of career readiness education services and a leader in skills training, technology staffing and talent development. The company provides education for anyone through its Destinations Career Academies (DCAs) and Galvanize. DCAs work in close partnership with key public and private stakeholders to create equity of access to career readiness education for all students, to close the skills gap plaguing businesses, and to position young people to lead America forward.

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