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Dexcom Announces First-Ever Registry Dedicated to Tracking Outcomes of In-Hospital Real-Time CGM Use in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM), the leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) for people with diabetes, announced today the first ever registry dedicated to tracking the outcomes of patients and healthcare professionals using CGM in hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current standard-of-care for glucose monitoring in the hospital is a fingerstick blood glucose test, which requires healthcare providers to draw blood from a patient to obtain a glucose reading. Due to the need to preserve personal protective equipment, reduce potential hospital staff exposure to COVID-19 and lessen the overall burden on nursing care, the Dexcom G6 CGM system has been made available to remotely monitor the glucose levels of all hospitalized patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision was made in April based on feedback received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“In our previous use of the Dexcom G6 system in our hospitals as part of exploratory studies over the last three years, we have found that the device improves glucose control without any increased risk in hypoglycemia,” said Athena Philis-Tsimikas, M.D., endocrinologist and corporate vice president for the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute in San Diego. “More recently, we have begun using the system on some ICU and COVID-19 hospital floors where minimizing contact is important for both our patients and staff members. A registry to examine experiences across many hospitals would be hugely beneficial.”

About the CGM registry

The registry will be accessible to healthcare providers using rtCGM in an inpatient or critical care setting. Providers will be able to upload information regarding the in-hospital care of each CGM patient, such as admissions, discharges, medications, status changes, diabetes history, comorbidities and more. The data collected will be deidentified and will not include any protected health information.

The data collected through the registry will eventually be cross-referenced with patient CGM data and evaluated by Dexcom for future product innovation or to include in future regulatory submissions to make rtCGM the ongoing standard of care in hospitals.

About Dexcom G6

The Dexcom G6 uses a small, wearable sensor and transmitter to continuously measure and send glucose levels wirelessly to a receiver or compatible smart device.* The system provides real-time glucose data, reduces the need for fingersticks and offers remote monitoring. In-hospital use of Dexcom CGM during the pandemic has the potential to help healthcare providers preserve personal protective equipment and reduce the frequency of potential hospital staff exposure to COVID-19.

Healthcare facilities interested in using Dexcom CGM to remotely monitor hospitalized patients during the COVID-19 pandemic can find additional information here.

About DexCom, Inc.

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If your glucose alerts and readings from the G6 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions.

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