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Enveloperty LLC Announces Issuance of US Patent for Dynamic Email Addressing

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Enveloperty LLC (Enveloperty), a Software as a Service company focused on email security, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 10,715,475 covering the creation and management of multiple email addresses for a single user. While the typical email user has accounts at multiple services for personal usage, multiple email addresses are difficult to create and manage in a business environment. Enveloperty’s invention makes it easy for employees to create virtually unlimited email addresses and associate them with the appropriate correspondents.

Security from Multiple Email Addresses

By giving different email addresses to different web sites, business contacts, and other correspondents, email users can detect malicious messages that slip past other security systems. For example, a user can ask the company CFO to contact them at one email address and ask their travel agency to contact them at a different email address. If a request to initiate a wire transfer (purportedly from the CFO) arrives at the address given to the travel agency, the user immediately knows that the message is malicious and that the travel agency has been compromised. If an email address is compromised, it can be abandoned. One need only send a new address the appropriate correspondents, rather than everyone with whom they have ever exchanged email.

Productivity from Multiple Email Addresses

Additionally, rules can be created based on these unique email addresses to file messages in an appropriate folder for later attention or delete them altogether. By basing the system on unique email addresses, malicious senders cannot subvert the system by sending from a different address or altering the message. Enveloperty users do not have to rely on senders honoring unsubscribe requests.

Dynamic Email Addresses

With Dynamic Email Addressing, each employee is assigned their own subdomain and can create any addresses they wish within that subdomain. An employee named Jones working at Example company, may be assigned the subdomain Some employees may configure the system to accept any messages sent to their subdomain, so new addresses can be given out without any additional setup. Others may opt to have the email system delete any messages except those that have been setup in advance.

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