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Fond Takes on Key Role in Companies’ Return to Work Strategies

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As the nature of work continues to shift, resources like Fond—a leading rewards and recognition platform—have become more valuable than ever. From maintaining morale among distributed workforces to establishing expectations around vaccine protocol, new ways of leveraging rewards and recognition continue to emerge.

“We have 6K+ employees that are dispersed remotely due to COVID,” explained Samantha Oakley, VP of Talent Acquisition at Elara Caring. “Fond allows us to recognize them daily as a substitute for an office environment and not blow our budget.”

Since COVID-19 began, Fond has become a key tool in helping customers execute a smooth return to work. One manufacturing company incentivized employees with redeemable points, distributed through Fond, in exchange for vaccination. As many of these employees are required to work on-site, this initiative is of critical importance. Since launch, 25% of employees have earned the reward. In another example, a technology company used Fond’s claimable rewards feature to set up a sweepstakes program where any vaccinated employee is eligible to win one of 10 $1,500 gift cards.

These initiatives and others like them are critical to shaping the future of work. “Although we always have believed Fond to be a powerful tool for shaping culture, this year has demonstrated the full extent of its potential impact,” comments Fond CEO and Co-Founder Taro Fukuyama. “We’re honored to be able to help support culture for enterprise teams.”

Fond is a SaaS platform used by enterprises including Instacart, Howard Hughes, and WW International, that seamlessly consolidates employee rewards and recognition processes in one easy-to-use solution. They’ve been recognized as one of TechRadar’s Best Employee Experience Tools of 2021 and as the leading Enterprise Employee Recognition Solution on G2. For more information, visit