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Forager Launches the Logistics Industry’s First U.S./Mexico/Canada Load Board

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Forager, the cross-border logistics tech startup, today announced the official release of its long-awaited load board. Unlike traditional domestic load boards, Forager will offer carriers the ability to bid on and book loads that move between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

“Traditionally, carriers join load boards to gain access to a middleman who posts the loads on behalf of the actual beneficial cargo owners,” said Forager Co-Founder and CEO Matt Silver. “This can result in high or even unknown costs to one or both parties — usually with a ridiculous number of calls and emails in between. Our load board gives carriers more direct access to the cross-border loads they want, with the accurate details they need, at a fair market rate. Our tech makes that connection without a middleman.”

After spending most of his career in the logistics industry, Silver ventured into the tech startup space out of necessity. “Forager was born out of a very clear need in the industry. What you have are three neighboring countries, massive trading partners, riddled with gaps in service and communication. With all the technology available, these things shouldn’t be a problem—but they are.”

The load board is a natural extension of Forager’s premier offering, SCOUT by Forager. With real-time tracking via project44 now powering both sides of the marketplace, SCOUT is the industry’s first and only comprehensive cross-border pricing, tracking, and booking platform for both shippers and carriers.

“We now have the power to provide supply chain solutions to all of North America. No matter where a shipper or carrier is located, SCOUT allows them to access the kind of cross-border tools they need to manage their supply chain and grow their business. Click, bid, drive.”

About Forager

Forager is a venture-backed innovator in the cross-border logistics industry. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience, Forager tackles the cross-border problems international shippers and carriers have faced for years with seamless and innovative transportation solutions.