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Foresight CEO Letter to Shareholders

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Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

The past year was unprecedented in its impact on business operations, the economy, and our daily lives. As the world begins to turn the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic with active vaccination campaigns and ongoing economic support initiatives, I would like to issue an update on Foresight’s current position and long-term outlook. The company’s stable business development performance throughout 2020 was remarkable given the circumstances, and several key business milestones have set a course for what I believe will be a successful coming year.

Over the course of 2020, Foresight made inroads in important markets and verticals with prototype sales of its QuadSight® vision system. In February 2020, the company received a prototype order from a multi-billion-dollar Japanese vehicle manufacturer. Three months later, the company sold a QuadSight prototype to a Tier One European supplier of commercial vehicles for the autonomous truck market. In July 2020, Foresight received two orders for product development and customization from leading Israeli defense company Elbit Systems Ltd, which signed a first commercial agreement with Foresight in July 2019 for exclusive marketing of its proprietary image processing software for the defense, paramilitary and homeland security markets. Finally, also in July 2020, Foresight received a prototype order from a multi-billion-dollar global Chinese technology company. I believe that these sales milestones demonstrate the diverse market recognition of our technology, as well as its myriad potential applications across geographies and industries.

Foresight achieved a noteworthy milestone in April 2020, signing an agreement with FLIR Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and imaging sensors. We believe that the integration of FLIR’s thermal cameras into our QuadSight® vision system increases the performance of our groundbreaking four-camera solution. Our collaboration with FLIR enables us to introduce our solutions to new audiences and sales regions, building off of FLIR’s sterling reputation.

Foresight’s prototype sales success took place in parallel to several noteworthy technological developments. The year began with the announcement of significant new features for the QuadSight vision system, including automatic calibration, multispectral sensor fusion, and 3D point cloud. These features provide noticeable improvements to the system’s ability to accurately measure the size, location and distance of objects, even in challenging weather and lighting conditions. In September 2020, the Company announced the development of a commercial version of its automatic calibration software, enabling it to be offered as a standalone product.

We believe that multiple key partnerships announced in the fourth quarter of 2020 indicate that the future is bright for Foresight and its technology. In early November 2020, the Company completed integration of its QuadSight software on NVIDIA platforms, enabling it to be used for shuttles, agriculture and other heavy equipment. Foresight also announced its participation in a European project for the development of autonomous heavy-duty vehicles as part of the All-Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) consortium. The AWARD consortium received a funding grant of nearly 20 million Euro from the European Commission. In December 2020, Foresight announced its participation in the University of Michigan’s TechLab at Mcity 2021 startup cohort, where the company will further develop its automotive vision system.

During the past year, Foresight strengthened its intellectual property with the approval of its “running vehicle alerting system and method” patent received from both the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Chinese Patent Office. The Company also submitted three patent applications pertaining to multiple-sensor camera systems, including its automatic calibration software.

The company solidified its financial position throughout 2020 with multiple successful capital raises. Foresight announced three capital raises in the second quarter of 2020, raising a total of $14.4 million, while the company announced a registered direct offering in late December totaling $26 million. Foresight entered 2021 with a robust balance sheet and strong business fundamentals, putting the company in an advantageous position for global expansion and growth.

In spite of the pandemic, 2020 was a noteworthy year for both Eye-Net Mobile, Foresight’s wholly owned subsidiary, and Rail Vision, Foresight’s affiliate (Foresight owns approximately 19% of Rail Vision’s outstanding shares). Eye-Net Mobile announced the launch of multiple pilot programs with leading Japanese multinational companies, pursuing the company’s strategy of achieving a critical mass of users in a single geographic area to demonstrate the technology’s potential for preventing accidents and saving lives.

In April 2020, Rail Vision received its first commercial order, valued at approximately 500,000 Euro, for a prototype of its shunting yard system from a leading European train operator. In addition, Rail Vision signed a commercial agreement in September 2020 with an affiliate of Knorr-Bremse AG (KBX.DE), where Knorr-Bremse will supply Rail Vision’s Assisted Remote Shunting (ARS) systems to a leading European train operator for a total potential value of 2.3 million Euro, with an additional option for 3.5 million Euro. Furthermore, in December 2020, Rail Vision received another order for two samples from Knorr-Bremse, thereby entering the multi-billion-dollar electrically powered light rail vehicle market.

I appreciate your continued trust and support as we work to make the future of transportation safer and more efficient. I am grateful to our outstanding and dedicated employees, and I am confident that we will continue to deliver successful milestones as we emerge from these challenging times stronger than ever.


Haim Siboni

Founder & CEO, Foresight Autonomous Holdings

Forward-Looking Statements

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