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GE’s New LED+ Family Gives You More Than Light

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Your home lighting is an essential part of your day, but what if your
light did more than illuminate? With GE Lighting’s new LED+
, consumers receive high-quality, long-lasting LED light
plus one additional stand-out feature, from a speaker to a motion sensor
to battery back-up when the power goes out.

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GE's new LED+ collection offers the quality and value of LED light plus one stand-out feature, from  ...

GE’s new LED+ collection offers the quality and value of LED light plus one stand-out feature, from an embedded speaker to color control to battery back-up (Photo: GE)

All the features are built right into the lights, so consumers won’t
need an app or any additional hardware to unlock the additional features.

“The average home has 45 light sockets, which is really powerful real
estate to leverage for benefit past light alone,” says Paul Williams,
General Manager for Product Management and Growth, GE Lighting. “Our
LED+ family is designed to use that ubiquity to help solve for common
problems and create new opportunities, all concealed within lighting and
without any complicated set up.”

GE’s LED+ products are offered in 60-65-watt equivalencies and include:

Battery Backup: Light up even without power

Nearly 37 million people in the U.S. were affected by power outages in
recent years*, leaving consumers struggling to find flashlights or
candles to stay out of the dark. GE’s new battery back-up bulb ensures
your lights stay on with a battery that is triggered when the power goes
out and stays illuminated for up to five hours. For extra convenience,
simply unscrew the bulb to carry it around the house like a flashlight
for illumination wherever it’s needed. Plus, the bulbs are designed to
look like and provide the same brightness as other bulbs throughout the
house to blend in with your aesthetic. Available in traditional A-line
and BR shapes. MSRP $14-$18

Speaker: Quality light and premium speaker

On average, Americans spend more than four-and-a-half hours a day
listening to music**, a figure that’s on the rise with the increase of
tech devices in music consumption. To meet that demand, GE is offering
two LED+ speaker bulbs, a traditional A-line bulb and a BR for recessed
can applications, that pull through music, podcasts and other audio
streaming from your smart phone or Bluetooth device.

An embedded speaker offers premium sound quality and hides discreetly
within the ceiling or your light fixture, eliminating the need for bulky
speakers on the counter. For across-the-home listening, pair multiple
speaker bulbs across the home for robust, sync’d sound without any
wiring or hubs. Sound can be controlled directly from the Bluetooth
device or with an included remote. MSRP $30-$35

A recessed can speaker fixture also is available for a MSRP of $60-$70

Dusk to Dawn: Stay bright when the sun goes down

U.S. demand for smart home security products is expected to increase 10
percent per year***, with some consumers spending thousands of dollars
on home monitoring services annually. For those wanting to add a sense
of securing at a lower cost, the new GE dusk-to-dawn bulbs in
traditional A-line shapes ensure outdoor lights are always on when the
sun goes down. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically triggers
light to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn – simply install the bulb
and never worry about turning the lights on and off again. MSRP $8-$10

Linkable Motion: Secure even the darkest corners

As another security protection, whether it’s to warn off unwanted guests
or to guide you into your home at night, new LED+ motion lights are
available. This collection includes PAR bulbs and fixtures with a
built-in motion sensor that turns the light on whenever motion is
detected and turns the light back off after motion stops. Also includes
dusk-to-dawn feature. Link multiple bulbs together with the touch of the
button so that when one is triggered by motion, all the linked bulbs
illuminate. MSRP $15-$90

Color: Capture the color of your mood

Americans love entertaining, from an average $200**** spend for Super
Bowl parties to as much as $500 or more for a child’s first
birthday*****. Cut down on decorations with a solution that brings eight
different colored lights and two different shades of white light to your
home for those special gatherings or for daily use. The LED+ Color
solution is available in both a traditional A-line bulb shape, as well
as a BR for recessed cans. Each includes a remote and provides two
shades of white light for general illumination (Soft White or Daylight),
plus vivid red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, cyan or purple
hues—controllable and changeable at the touch of a button. Install
multiple bulbs and control them all with one remote. MSRP $14-18


The LED+ products are immediately available at Target stores nationwide,
as well as Meijer stores, with a variety of additional online and
regional retailers later this year.

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