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Glytec Goes Global, With Six New International Patent Allowances

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The rise in diabetes is truly a global phenomenon. The World Health
Organization has been vocal about the estimated 422 million people
living with diabetes, saying: “the prevalence of diabetes is steadily
increasing everywhere”
and “diabetes and its complications impact
harshly on the finances of individuals and their families, and the
economies of nations.”
recognizes that optimizing diabetes medications and making insulin a
more effective and accessible option stands to benefit not only those
living in the U.S., but people around the world. To that end, the
company is growing its intellectually property portfolio on an
international scale.

, SVP of Research & Development at Glytec, further explains why
the company is pursuing worldwide protections: “Insulin remains
significantly underutilized among people with type 2 diabetes,
specifically those who’ve been unable to achieve their treatment goals.
Our solutions help overcome many of the difficulties and challenges that
cause therapeutic inertia among providers, including fears surrounding
hypoglycemia. These latest patent allowances validate Glytec’s
commitment to delivering industry-leading medication optimization
solutions both domestically and abroad, and to helping mitigate the
devastating personal and societal costs of diabetes.”

Glytec has recently received six new patent allowances from foreign
regulatory agencies in Japan, Australia and Israel. The allowances
address a variety of systems and methods for insulin titration and
glycemic management. Select claims from among these patent allowances
include [highly abridged and consolidated]:

  • Data processing hardware obtains patient information, including blood
    glucose measurements from a glucometer, uses the patient information
    to determine an intravenous insulin infusion rate, and sends the rate
    to a remote administration device, which administers intravenous
    insulin to the patient at the specified rate.
  • Data processing hardware obtains patient information, including a
    target blood glucose range, threshold hypoglycemia blood glucose
    value, stability target range, preconfigured meal bolus time interval,
    and indication of solid food consumption, and uses the patient
    information to determine a meal bolus insulin rate.
  • Data processing hardware blocks the transition from intravenous to
    subcutaneous insulin administration when the current blood glucose
    measurement is outside the stability target range, and communicates a
    warning to be displayed electronically.
  • Data processing hardware obtains patient information, including blood
    glucose measurements from a glucometer, and uses the patient
    information to determine a correction factor, post-prandial correction
    bolus, mean lifetime of rapid-acting insulin, adjustment factor,
    carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio and next recommended meal bolus.
  • Data processing hardware selects one or more subcutaneous insulin
    treatments from a collection of options, including a subcutaneous
    standard program, subcutaneous nil per os program, subcutaneous
    program without meal boluses, meal-by-meal subcutaneous program
    without carbohydrate counting, meal-by-meal subcutaneous program with
    carbohydrate counting, and subcutaneous program for non-diabetic
    patients, then transmits the selected subcutaneous insulin
    treatment(s) to an administration device comprising a doser and an
    administration computing device in communication with the doser, which
    causes the doser to administer the insulin specified by the selected
    subcutaneous insulin treatment(s).

“We are very pleased that the uniquenesses and sophistication of our
eGlycemic Management System® are being recognized by
regulatory agencies outside the U.S.,” says Bob
, President and CEO at Glytec. “The issues surrounding
therapeutic inertia and insulin mismanagement are universal, and these
patent allowances position Glytec to offer cutting-edge solutions across
the globe.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is the pioneer of digital therapeutics,
improving the lives of people with diabetes by making insulin a more
effective and accessible option for millions unable to achieve their
treatment goals. The company’s patented eGlycemic Management System®
is the only FDA-cleared software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) platform to
enable the mass personalization of insulin across the continuum of care:
inpatient, outpatient and virtual settings alike. Glytec offers several
comprehensive programs combining evidence-based decision support
technologies with expert professional services proven to aid providers
in achieving best practices and standardization while reducing
hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, A1C, readmissions, length of stay and cost.
The company has offices in Waltham, Massachusetts and Greenville, South
Carolina. For more information visit